A lesbian looks like…Lindsay Lohan?

Is she or isn’t she?  That’s what The Advocate and everyone else is asking about Lindsay Lohan.  “Celeb mags are all agog,” Nicholas Fonseca writes in the Sept 9 issue.  “Lindsay is either lesbian, bisexual, or just another straight girl engaged in an elaborate–albeit genuis–publicity stunt.  But, really, what difference does it make?”

Genuis?  Really? Even Fonseca himself doesn’t really believe this, judging from his own comments on the restrained (even ho-hum) reaction of most major media to Lohan’s very public relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson.   The world-weary tone of the article belies its investment in categorizing Lindsay and, even more, pathologizing her for refusing to confirm or deny that she and Sam are lovers.  On its cover, The Advocate disses Lohan with the teaser “Lindsay Lohan’s Identity Crisis.”  So much for the fluidity of sexuality.

Personally, I live my life by coming out promiscuously, so–despite the limitations of identity politics–I think coming out does make a difference. But the point I want to emphasize is what the buzz about Lohan tells us about the invisibility of queer femininity, and how we use stereotypes to decide what a lesbian looks like.  Tabloids write about “Lohan and her lesbian lover,” implying that the two are lovers but there’s only one “real” lesbian in the relationship and we know it’s Sam.

The article in The Advocate is a case in point.  It offers a plethora of evidence that there’s a romance between Lohan and Ronson, but then concludes by asking breathlessly, “could it be that Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian?”  Meaning, could this beautiful 22-year-old woman–who is considered by many to be one of the sexiest women in the world–actually be queer?!

Yes, as a matter of fact, it could be.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Heaven forbid Lindsey Lohan might be a lesbian! Isn’t this similar to the criticism Angelina Jolie went through not that far back? Could it be possible that several female sex symbols are queer?

    This is going to be a fun blog to read.

  2. Welcome to the end of oh, say, about 70% of your remaining free time! Yay!
    That said, it’s awesome to see another femme blogging. Moar plz!

  3. Tabloids write about “Lohan and her lesbian lover,” implying that the two are lovers but there’s only one “real” lesbian in the relationship and we know it’s Sam.

    so true! I mean, I get that she’s pretty volatile and she hasn’t said how she identifies obv. the real lesbian is wearing the plaid shirt in this relationship. Thanks for your insights!

  4. Tabloids write about “Lohan and her lesbian lover,” implying that the two are lovers but there’s only one “real” lesbian in the relationship and we know it’s Sam.

    Exactly, it’s so true. And it’s funny, maggie made the comment about plaid shirts and now Lindsay’s wearing flannel pretty often now. It’s the same with Portia de Rossi, it’s incredible the ego-blow that many straight men feel when they find out that chick at the bar they thought was hot is gay. Like, feminine women can’t be gay, no they can’t be FULLY gay they must be either bi or bi-curious! or the old ‘They’re too hot to be gay’.
    It’s interesting the Lohan case. Because I did a bit of research (I am interested in studying public relations so I like to note technique in PR) and last year, there were rumours regarding she and Samantha in April, May. Now there seems to be a pattern. In March-May there were rumours about her relationship with Ronson, in May she was then seen on the arm of Calum Best and ‘suddenly’ he decides to spill the beans on how good she is in bed.


    Then, Maxim Magazine announces it’s Hot 100 and names Lohan #1. It is worth noting that the list is compiled by the Editors of Maxim not by the readers votes, so it’s possible that her PR could have asked very kindly for them to name her #1. What better strategy to shut up gay rumours and hetrosexualize her image again?

    Then in December there are gay rumors again around she and Courtenay Semel, then in late December her ‘ex-bf’ who she met…in rehab..goes and tells News of the World what a crazy nympho she is – see how could she possibly be gay?! She’s an out of control nympho!

    Then in January the rumours still havent died down – so she goes to Italy and is photographed with THREE different men in 24 hrs – even humps one of them in front of photographers. Now people just think she’s an uber-slut who would hump any man in sight. And I think she was embarassed by that – the Italy thing. I think that’s when she decided that she didn’t want to live like that anymore and that she wanted to live openly with women regardless of the consequences it may have to her fan base/career she decided her inner happiness and peace was more important (which it is). And one final piece of evidence that I see is the character of Niki Stevens in the L Word. Young, likes to party, showed up late to set, is immature and is a young Hollywood lesbian in the closet who wants to be out but her PR people want her as far back in the closet as possible. So to try and get them to let her out she acts out – runs amok, it makes sense when you’re young. Angela Robinson directed and/or wrote many of the Niki episodes and she also directed Lohan in Herbie Fully Loaded (shot in 2004 when Lohan was at her prime popularity) It is also interesting that when Niki is outed by Alice in episode 7 Alice says that she is ‘Maxim-endorsed’ and that year, 2007 when it was shot, Lohan was Maxim-endorsed – endorsed as the hottest chick in the world.

    So I am not trying to put a label on her, but from the evidence that I have gathered I have concluded that I think she is a closeted lesbian actress.

    Hi Anna, If the PR gig doesn’t work out for you, it sounds like you could become a private investigator! I think you are without question labeling Lohan, which you’re certainly free to do. But my own interests lie elsewhere. In my latest post, “Lindsay Lohan and Femme Invisibility,” I steer clear of the is-she-or-isn’t-she question to tackle broader questions of lesbian stereotypes, media representation, visibility/invisibility, etc. Even if your thoughts on this issue are different from mine (as I suspect they will be), please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks for writing, xo -SF

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