Me, Plotting World Domination

After my last post, inquiring minds are asking if I am myself a full-figured femme. Just to clear up any confusion and put the rumor mill to rest, here’s what I look like:

So now you know the truth! Picture me as a leggy Catwoman plotting world domination while sipping a Perfect Manhattan with 2 bourbon-spiked maraschino cherries.

I think voluptuous women are gorgeous, but that’s just not me. For the most part, I’ve always been thin and tall. I’m not curvy, I wear a size “A” bra, I don’t have Kim Kardashian’s ass, and that’s all OK with me. Please don’t tell me that you don’t like women who are “too skinny,” or tsk tsk about my size. (I don’t comment on your size, do I?) And don’t even think about saying to me, “you’re so small!” Uhh, no, I’m NOT. I tower over you, as a matter of fact, even when I’m not wearing heels!

Femme (and feminine) does not equal skinny, WASP, and conventionally pretty to me. I am an ally of fat femmes and other women of size. I love the Helena Rubinstein quote I used in my last post because I think it’s a reminder that beauty is about enjoyment (of food, life, etc)–not self-deprivation. I have issues with my body, like most other women, but being thin is not one of them. So, although it’s heresy to admit this in some feminist and lesbian circles, I will say it loud and say it proud: I love my skinny jeans, and I love being a fierce, skinny femme.

I hope we as femmes can talk more about body acceptance for women of all ethnicities, sizes, and abilities. *Blowing a kiss to whatilike and buddistfemme, who inspired this post!*

4 Responses

  1. Hey, rock the tallness! As a short, curvy girl I see life from the other side. (Kim Kardashian could borrow MY ass.) I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone they’re too anything, cause that way lies madness… I do think skinny jeans should be outlawed. *sigh* But I forbear!
    Thank you for supporting body acceptance, and by the way, I have a total girlcrush on any lady as confident in herself as you! ^_^

    Since you’re so cute, I’m blowing you a kiss too! xo -SF

  2. i love it! you know, it’s always nice to have a mental image of someone, and sometimes it’s hard to come to one on the internets. but now i know – sublimefemme is catwoman with a cocktail =)

  3. i love that one of your tags for this post is “I’m really Catwoman.” i can’t wait to see that one be attached to other posts! too cute, you are! xo!

  4. Awww SF! I’m glad you linked me over to this post! Because. . .I love it! It can be so hard to love oneself, and when someone does we should all celebrate that! Hurrah! Here’s to all of the fabulous fierce femmes out there!

    Thx for the support! I’m glad you liked this post–it’s one of my faves, I have to admit. xo SF

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