Making Up

If I’m running super late–as I all too often do (sorry, honey!)–I can work at breakneck speed and get my makeup on in five minutes, but that means putting on my lipstick and/or mascara in the rearview mirror while I’m at a redlight.

Personally, I think the much-trumpeted “5-minute face” is a beauty industry myth. It sounds great in all the magazines: just a little tinted moisturizer, highlighter/bronzer/blush, quickly define the eyes, a natural lip and voilà! But seriously, if you buy and use even *half* of all the products these magazines promote in their pages, how can you possibly get your makeup on in 5 minutes?

I love to take my time putting on my makeup, which I apply sitting at an antique, wooden vanity that belonged to my mother. When she gave me the vanity, I explored it like a time capsule from my childhood. I cleaned out the drawers and found a negative of a honeymoon photo of my parents, a few earrings from the 70s, and a false eyelash! I’m tall so the vanity is kind of small for me, but I love using it. I love how old-fashioned it is, the feel of the wood, even the squeak the drawers make when you swing them open. (The side drawers swing rather than pull open, which is pretty charming.)

There’s also something interesting I discovered about having a vanity. It’s affirming. A vanity bestows value on the process of making oneself beautiful. For years I “dolled up” standing in the bathroom, so being able to sit down and enjoy the experience of doing my makeup is a treat. Usually I do my makeup in 10 minutes–more if it’s a special occasion or I’m playing with a new look, mixing colors, doing my brows, etc. Although I’m openly obsessed with makeup, people tell me that I “don’t really wear that much.” (Untrue!) I guess they’re surprised that I look relatively “normal” when they discover the extent of my makeup obsession.

So, I want to hear from everyone out there who loves to “make up”–how long does it take you to put your makeup on? Do you have a beauty routine?


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  1. I put on mascara in the morning and do my hair in a bun. I should moisturize but usually I don’t bother. 5 minutes tops.

    When I go out it takes about 10 minutes – powder, eye shadow and liner, mascara, lipstick. I don’t like wearing foundation in everyday life.

    1/2 an hour for stage makeup if I do it right, but I can do it faster when needed. I stand up to put on everyday makeup but I do agree that there’s something about sitting down. No matter how stressed I am before a show, when I sit down and take everything out of my train case start to feel calmer.

    A train case! Love you!! Actually, I felt calmer just reading your comment. Maybe I should have entitled my post “Zen and the Art of Making Up.” Thx for the visit. Always a pleasure! -SF

  2. I wear mascara before leaving the house but when I go out, I add a bronze eyeliner and a pretty lipstick. And of course there is lipgloss. Yum! And I always always always moisturize and wear perfume, usually Lolita Lempicka au Masculin. Sexy smelling, ladies love it.

  3. how funny that I’m reading this as I’m putting on my make up at my desk at work (don’t tell ANYONE) I was running late today (as I usually do on Mondays) and what I normally do is wear big sunglasses and bring my make up bag in to work and do it at my desk. I LOVE taking my time to do my make up when there are events that I have to attend (I’m very active in the queer visual/performance art scene here in L.A.) or when I go on a date. It’s part of the whole femme mystique, plus it makes me feel soo sexy putting on my make up for specific events (I’m a total make up whore.) There are some items in my make up bag that are only reserved for the weekends or events/dates such as my Dior Forever Extreme Wear Make up. Some of my daily make up items include Bobbi Brown lipstick in Red 10, Mary Kay mineral foundation in Beige 2 and I CAN NOT leave th house without Diorshow Iconic Mascara in 090…damn…you got me all worked up talking about make up….now back to work :*(

    Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me! Seriously, I love the image of you going to work with the big sunglasses & then getting fierce at your desk. You’re *such* a superstar, darling! BTW we must talk mascara. I’m devoted to Diorshow. xo SF

  4. To go out shopping, lipgloss. I have about 7 kinds in my purse. I’m an addict.
    For work, about 5-10 minutes. Eyeshadow, mascara, liner sometimes, lipstick. I never use foundation or powder.
    To go out for an evening, about 15-20, including hair- I just spray curl stuff in it.
    And I always, always wear perfume. My usual is a mint-citrus scent that I make myself, but I’m fond of Honeysuckle during the day and Japanese Cherry Blossom at night.
    Wow… I feel femme-ier already!

    Make your own fragrance? Welcome, High Priestess of Femme! Reading your post and BiblioFemme’s makes me think I need to do a post on perfume. Yum. xo -SF

  5. I *TRIPLE* vote for a post on perfume! PLEASE! 😉
    oh and YES my dear, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Diorshow. I was once addicted to the regular Diorshow and this last time I went to the Dior counter and they showed me Diorshow Iconic…welll let’s just say it was over after that..

    How could I refuse a *TRIPLE* vote?! Your wish is my command. Stay tuned! -SF

  6. I pride myself on being a discerning perfume connoisseur, so yes, perfume post!

  7. I get up in the mornin’
    slowly gaze in the mirror
    and clearly reflected –
    is one sexy queer!

    But I’m “gilding the lily” –
    lipstick’s never enough
    I need gorgeous eye-glitter
    and some more, sexy stuff.

    By the time that I’m finished –
    20 minutes, or so –
    I’m ready to ramble,
    and for hot “rock & roll!”

  8. not sure if this went thru, so I’m sending it again

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