Nail Nirvana

The philosophy of Sublime Femmeness is that if your nails look good, the rest of life falls into place.* If you’re out on a date or having a few cocktails at home–perhaps reclining on your chaise lounge like yours truly–not only will you look better holding your martini glass with a well-manicured hand, but the drink will actually taste better, too. Don’t take my word for it, darlings; there are respectable studies on this funded by Stoli Raspberry. Without this pioneering work, Sex and the City may never have popularized the cosmo!

Although nails and nail color have become a trendy fashion statement in recent years (Lincoln Park After Dark, anyone?), I have long been a devotee of the gleaming manicure as a femme practice of enlightenment. Whether demurely understated or bold and glamorous, beautiful nails are the key to having a beautiful life. I discovered this universal principle after years of searching for happiness and success by doing all the usual things–going to school, working hard, having a positive attitude, finding spiritual fulfillment, etc. What a waste of time! Learn from my mistakes, lovelies; just get a manicure!

Still need to be persuaded? OK, here are a few, honest-to-God true stories of nail nirvana. One of my favorite femme friends developed a newfound love for manicured nails while writing her thesis. In the midst of her grad school grind, not sure if she was going to be able to finish the thesis and graduate, she found a ray of hope and what was to become the secret to her success. Here’s her mantra: “pretty nails=more typing.” I can tell you from personal experience, it works!

I do a lot of writing, not just with all of you amazing people in the blogosphere but also in the “real world,” which often involves those nasty things called deadlines. Ug. I had a very serious deadline for a very big project a while back–one of those do-or-die situations–and nearing the final stretch I was beyond exhausted. A new word is needed to convey the direness of it all. Let’s say mega-exhausted. Though I had somewhere between 5-10 more pages to write, I felt like I just could not write one. more. word. So I went over to my polishes (I own so much nail polish I could run a salon out of my house), and carefully chose a nail color inspired by my topic. Those final pages were actually terrific, all thanks to the magic of the perfect manicure! And though I was exhausted, I could look down at the keyboard and say, “At least my nails are stunning!”

What’s your favorite nail color? (We already know that hussyred’s fave is Big Apple Red.) If nail color is not your thing, do you have another signature accessory that’s been the key to having a beautiful life? Finally, I could really use some help from all of you this week. What color should I do my nails??

1. Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not (a royal purple)
2. Taupe-less Showgirls (a shimmery bronze)
3. Boris and Natasha (a rich burgundy)

*with thanks to a new friend who utterly charmed me yesterday by referring to me as “your Sublime Femmeness” in an email. xo


5 Responses

  1. you are beginning to make me think that all this high femme is simply a matter of furnishings. first, there was the antique vanity, and i thought, “oh, i so want one of those…i might even start wearing makeup for it.” and now, the chaise lounge has me thinking of doing my nails (a more likely event anyhow…if nothing else, i can certainly procure a cocktail to go with them). as for your questions, i, like hussyred, absolutely adore the way red nails look running through a girl’s dark hair, but in other circumstances they’re too conspicuous for me.

    I love this comment! There are different ways to be high femme, but you’re absolutely right about me. My feeling is, a girl needs props! xo -Sf

  2. My initial gut response was Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not based on the sheer boldness of color as imagined based on description. Then I looked it up. Oh yes please! Anyone fierce enough to rock that color as a nail polish should do so with pride!

    Personally, I never had the patience to grow my nails to a decent lengtht, but did have a torrid love affair with arcylics in the heyday of my own femme-ness. I flounced and flirted and loved the way my hands looked.

    Nowadays, a good shirt and tie combo, a fresh white tshirt, or the right watch does wonders for my joy.

  3. ahhh big apple red is my fave as well!
    but can you also talk about Acrylic nails? I have them an I always get the ‘you can’t be a lesbian because you have acrylic nails’ or the ‘how can you have sex with those’ comments…I’m simply sick of those comments.. :*(

    I feel for you! I’m writing you a post in response to this. This judgmental stuff from other lesbians really has got to end! I wanted you to know that I had acrylics myself for a little and can completely understand how a girl could get hooked. Basically, your polish never chips and your nails always look flawless! What’s not to like? Some women seem to wear them for years and years with no problems. In my case, I was allergic to the adhesive and had to quickly get rid of them and go back to growing my own nails. Watch for my post… xo -Sf

  4. Well, my nails are thin and break easily (sad face), but I do like to paint them. I don’t like acrylic nails since they make my real nails even worse. I’m contemplating getting silk wraps done. As for colors I have a rule against french manicures, I’ve never really liked them. I like solid color nails in vintage colors of Revlon Red (a true red-red) and Cherries in the Snow (a 1952 bluish-red, really pops on me). I also bought a light sheer-shimmer pink, China Glaze Heaven.

    I’ve seen Boris and Natasha, it’s gorgeous.

    *I hope you got my email. 🙂

    Hey LaurynX, Have you tried nail strengtheners? I’ve been using Essie’s Millionails for months and love it. My nails are so much stronger! Seriously, it’s fantastic! For anyone out there having trouble growing strong, natural nails, here are my top 3 tips. They work, trust me.

    Sublimefemme’s Tips for Gorgeous Nails:

    1. Use a nail strengthening system like Essie’s or Nailtiques. (Don’t waste your money on Nail Envy. It doesn’t do much.) Follow the directions!
    2. Use a crystal file instead of the standard emery board. HUGE difference.
    3. Massage an organic oil or a unscented moisturizer (perfumes are drying) into your cuticle every night to moisturize and stimulate nail growth.

    PS Silk wraps basically work the same way acrylics do, so if your aim is to strengthen your own nails, they’re not going to help. In fact, just like acrylics, they’ll make your own nails weaker. Don’t do it! xo -Sf

  5. Hey- I just found your blog on blogcatalog, and I really like it. The writing is good, and the topics are super relevant! Thanks!

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