More Nail Nirvana: Sensual Pleasures

Nails are a killer femme erotic accessory. Since I didn’t say this explicitly in my “Nail Nirvana” post, I just want to add a few words about this now.

Femmes are amazing at using our nails to great effect in the bedroom. In the throes of passion or as a playful tease, nails have the capacity to communicate erotic longing as well as the pleasure/pain of femme desire. If too long, they present certain limitations, of course, which a girl has to be willing to work around, but short nails can be just as sexy!

Lady B and hussyred’s delight in running their red nails through the hair of a sexy girl or handsome butch reminded me that I need to say one other thing, in case you haven’t heard: gorgeous nails make you a better kisser.

Try it out and report back. If you don’t have a friend or partner standing by to help you with this experiment, you can take the world-famous famous lesbian kissing quiz at What Lesbian Movie Kiss Are You? For inquiring minds, my results:

The Gia kiss

Hot. You are in love.


2 Responses

  1. LOL I love the idea that gorgeous nails make you a better kisser! I’d have to attest to that being a verifiable fact, given some of the women I’ve kissed over the years.

    Oh, and do I love me some nail scratching on my back!

    Ta muchly for the add. 🙂

  2. We take advantage of this

    Thank you for this topic

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