Lounging on My Chaise

Since Lady Brett has expressed an appreciation for my chaise lounge, here’s my favorite pic of me on the chaise sipping champagne (lots of champagne, always) and putting the finishing touches on one of my posts. This is same image that appears on my dashboard, but now you can see it tout ensemble!

I know you’re wondering who the other person in the picture is, so I’ll end the suspense. That’s my butch butler, of course. She’s very devoted and she has excellent posture, doesn’t she?

4 Responses

  1. Your resemblence to Norma Desmond is mindboggling 😉 Your butler also looks familiar. We may have been in houseboy training together. We never got too close… disagreements about Lloyd Webber caused us to keep our distance.

    LOL!!! This is hilarious. You may have just earned yourself a pic for Facets of Femme for this little gem (one in which my resemblence to Norma Desmond is a little less pronounced). Which reminds me that I also have to thank you for your comment on my Nail Nirvana post, which I *loved.* You’re just a bee charmer, Natt Nightly. That’s what you are, a bee charmer. xo -Sf

  2. Ohhh you supreme sublime femme being you…how do I love thee and how do I want to emulate thee?? let me count the ways…this post is fantastique! j’aime votre blog..

    bon nuit!

  3. cheering, indeed!!

  4. Anyone who looks so very like Gloria Swanson (wink) and wears coordinating animal patterns on her mules, lap blanket and dress definitely wins my vote for a SUBLIMEfemme. But is the champagne pink?

    If it’s an elegant French rosé and has earthy/woodsy flavors, sure, but actually I usually try to butch up my libations (just to keep things interesting)! xo -Sf

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