Long Live Lady Brett Ashley!

Picture me in my chaise lounge, sipping a Manhattan and feeling rather confident that my secrets would be safe from the world. Yes, I had dropped clues here and there regarding some of the issues mentioned in my list, but who could possibly guess which 3 items were the lies? Like a high femme Cruella de Ville, I thought my evil plan would triumph!

But one reader saw through the smoke and mirrors and separated fact from fiction like a professional investigator–and she did it like a lady.   That’s right, you guessed it;  the winner of the Hidden Truths Contest is…

The beautiful, astute, and infinitely insightful Lady Brett Ashley!!!

More info to follow on the fabulous prizes.  I will also be posting added info about my 10 “hidden truths” so I’ll soon give you the full scoop on my secret life including trés importante revelations about what Sublimefemme actually sleeps in and just what a big lesbo she really is.  So stay tuned!

Lady Brett, femme sister and beloved blogger, I salute you! xo


One Response

  1. *gasp* i go away for a few days, and return to fabulous prizes! how exciting =)

    Speaking of which, I sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing from you! xo -Sf

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