Yes We Did!

I never thought I would say this but for the first time in my life I feel proud to be an American.  Across the world, there is a feeling of hope and interconnection as people from Venezuala to Kenya to India join us in celebrating not only Obama’s election but also something much bigger:  a renewed faith in democracy and the promise of America itself.  

A dear friend in Argentina, a former colleague and teacher, just sent me this moving email, which I want to share with all of you: 

I watched with disbelief and total joy what happened yesterday, and yet, upon reflecting all night, I now understand that we are so very fortunate in bearing witness to this victory that makes us proud. It was so impressive to watch people on the streets everywhere, and I realized that I should have been there, instead of here. But I shall be there by inauguration day cheering Mr. Obama on the streets of Washington DC.

I realized that we can also join in the celebration for our work done as educators, in the belief we all hold so deeply that we have a task: educating our students through the years, through the many passionate debates among them and among us.  Pursuing respect for human rights on all fronts has contributed to this day, as we begin to walk the road to the promised land.

We shall overcome. As our new president said last night, the work has just began.




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  1. Historic on so many levels, and with so many (we hope) repercussions that will resonate into the future, not just for America, but for many around the globe.

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