Anchors Aweigh

Bon voyage, my darlings!  I’m writing you from the “penthouse” lido deck of the most uberglam lesbian cruise ever–the mothership of all femme cruises–and we’re just about to set sail!  My debonair escort and I will be traveling to an exotic destination over the rainbow while drinking lots of champagne, indulging in decadent pleasures, and doing beaucoup research for the blog! 

I know what you’re wondering… where exactly is this “over the rainbow” place and do troubles really melt like lemon drops there?   These are very important questions indeed.  I’ll report back, I promise.  In the meantime, know that I already miss you all terribly.  Be naughty while I’m gone so you’ll have lots to tell me when I get back next week!



5 Responses

  1. Ok. I gotta ask: any cigar smokin’ femmes?? 🙂

  2. Oh, you saucy thing! Devil-may care, I wish I were going with you, even tucked inside you luggage, or better still…eh, okay, I’ll save that fantasy for another time.

    Have a wonderful time, and send postcards!

    Au revior!

  3. have a fabulous trip! you are clearly dressed for nautical success, which must go a long way toward an enjoyable trip (for both yourself and your debonair escort).

  4. I love these pictures of pin-up girls that you post- they’re so fabulous!

  5. Have a dreamy time, yo.

    Also? Eva Cassidy’s version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow makes me CRY. Sob, sob, sob. It’s sounds like one of those movie scenes feels like, when the lover is all happily rushing to wherever her lover is, but her lover is dead. The audience knows it, but she doesn’t, and ZOMG.

    I realize that’s way too depressing for a Friday, but YOU BROUGHT IT UP!



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