Prada and Mulberry dubbed see no evil, hear no evil twins of high fashion

My favorite femme enchantress of numbers, Sarcozona, just posted on gravity’s rainbow about the appalling conditions faced by workers for luxury labels like Prada, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton. Hundreds of leather workers in 3 DESA factories in Turkey earn poverty wages, work long hours, and suffer from a variety of health complaints linked to poor health and safety conditions. The few toilets they have access to are filthy, and the only drinking water is from a hose on the toilet floor.

I’m sickened that workers who make exhorbitantly expensive products are earning poverty wages and subjected to such abusive conditions. These workers are trying to unionize to improve their working conditions, but they’re being harrassed, dismissed and denied their right to organize.

Go to Labourstart and join their online campaign! It just takes a minute to add your name and tell companies like Prada to support the basic rights of the workers who make their products.

You can check out the article from which my title is taken, “Prada and Mulberry dubbed see no evil, hear no evils twins of high fashion” on

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reminder about taking action on this issue!

  2. Go, SF! Beauty should definitely be cruelty-free, so thanks for this PSA.

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