I Want to Look

I’m always interested in how readers find me.  There are those wonderful people who actually are googling “sublime femme” (kisses to you!), but except for them, people seem to arrive at my blog by a familiar set of search terms such as: “what does a lipstick lesbian look like;” “difference between lipstick lesbian and femme;” and “lindsay lohan and samantha ronson.” (Yes, I know; it’s my fault for ever writing about them.)

I often wonder who these googlers are and what drives their desire to know about “stone femme” or “lipstick butch” (those 2 are from today, actually).  When I see “don’t understand the butch femme attraction” in my list of search engine terms, I genuinely hope that person left my blog feeling a little more enlightened than when s/he arrived.

I must admit, I do have an all-time favorite googler: “lesbianism to a point of i want to look.”  This is my letter to you, my voyeuristic friend.

Dear I Want to Look, 

Your googling has caused me more than a few sleepless nights.  I would be more than happy to answer any and all of your lesbo-related queries if you would just tell me one thing:  what exactly do you want to look at?   This does seem to be the heart of the matter.   

But maybe you’re concerned about another kind of lesbian look–wanting to look like a lesbian.  Just to fill you in, dear darling girl, we all look the same.  We’re extremely glamorous and bear a striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie.  But at nights and on weekends, we look like Rachel Maddow.  If this is what you look like, you’re totally gay.

It may be time to ask yourself if you’re ready to take the plunge and become a lesbian.  There are a lot of very reputable and trustworthy tests on the internet to help you make this decision.  Also, you might be interested in reading my manual, Given Up on Men?  Come Over to the Sapphic Side

My nocturnal ruminations about your plight have led me to one conclusion:  Sure, sometimes looking is lesbian, but frankly who doesn’t want to look?  Case in point:  this classic photo of Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield from my post “Sneaking a Peek.”   So my humble advice is this:  Go ahead, look.  Live a little!

5 Responses

  1. *giggling madly* I ❤ you, SF. Oh my Goddess, this made my day. PS- I just got a haircut- best hair EVAR! I felt the need to share my girly glee with a fellow femme. (((you)))

    I ❤ you, too! Congrats on your fab new do. You’re going to look amazing in all the holiday pics! -xo SF

  2. fantastic! i especially like this retooled definition of “what a lesbian looks like” 😉

    and it is always interesting to see what leads people to your site. my google hits are primarily to do with music lyrics or the sun also rises. but then, one day the top search was “things that are lame.” *sigh* they’re onto me 😉

    Don’t you hate it when people use the word “lame” in that way? It’s so disrespectful of people with disabilities. I think you’re the cat’s meow! -xo SF

  3. well my third most popular search engine term is “lisa rizzo”…the girl from A Shot at Love II. Though I don’t think I’ve gotten hundreds of hits for blogging about Tila Tequila’s show (which I only did once)…I guess that tells you who’s more (Tila vs. Lindsay) popular with folks if nothing else, heh.

  4. I got here by a link from another blog…heh.

  5. Hi. It’s Aishah.. you left a comment at my blog. I’m sorry that you’re mad. But I wish I could explain it to you by what I meant in the sentence you were disturbed about. But I don’t think you would understand.

    Well, let me have a shot at it. I wasn’t referring weird to lesbians out there, it’s just that I was hoping my top searches would be about something else that I blogged about, not only about lesbians/lesbianism. I’m sorry if my post offended you in any way. 🙂

    Hi Aishah, Thank you for the apology and for clarifying your previous remarks. I very much appreciate it. Wishing you all the best, SF

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