Get Your Femme On! (Holiday Edition)


Yes, my lovelies, it’s the post you’ve been waiting for–how to get your femme on for the holiday season in 5 easy steps:

  1. Embellish.  More is more.  Pull out those dressy accessories and wow coworkers at the annual holiday party with a fab new look that says, “the only good thing about having to go to this party was dressing for it!”
  2. Take Risks.  Those super high stilettos that you can barely walk on?  Now’s the time to wear them!  People will be too drunk to notice you’re wobbling.
  3. Think Glitter.  The holiday season is your chance to show your more glamorous side.  And nothing says “happy holidays”  like sequins and glitter eyeliner.  
  4. Be a Sex Kitten.  Show cleavage.  Wear the fishnets.  Who cares if people gossip about you the next day?
  5. Embrace Artifice.  Pull out your metallic eyeshadows and spritz on a bold fragrance.  Anyone who tells you to keep your look “natural” for the holidays is boring.  Why be low-key when you can be fabulous? 


By choosing to “get your femme on,” you assume all risks associated with being a sexy, sparkly femme. 

Sublimefemme Unbound shall not in any event be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from your unbridled femmeness, including excessive and irresponsible shoe purchases, overaccessorizing, death by glitter, or trip and falls resulting from women throwing themselves at your feet.

5 Responses

  1. You’re a funny femme! And it looks like we’re on the same page, because for no good reason I got all gussied up today (as evidenced on FFAF, of course).

    I even drizzled on the heady Real Patchouly by Bois 1920! Dreamy.

    TY. Based on your gorgeous pics, you’ve clearly already got your femme on–all 5 steps! 😉 BTW can you explain your avatar? I’ve been hoping its significance would reveal itself but alas it still just looks like a bar of soap to me. What am I missing? xo -SF

  2. not that i’ll be taking it, but it love your advice 😉 especially “more is more”

    p.s. i always thought skinny bone jones’ avatar was a melting pat of butter…now that you mention it, i think you are right about the soap =)

    OMG of course it’s a melting pat of butter!! Mystery solved! As for more is more, aren’t you living it? xo SF

  3. Hmmm… there is my honey’s company holiday party coming up. As a bonus, showing my oh-so-distracting cleavage means I won’t have to spend too much time awkwardly small-talking: within 45 minutes, she’ll have decided it’s time to go home and have sex. Strategy: I has it. Thanks for the tip, SF!

    It sounds like you’re doing very well without my tips! Hope you and your honey have fun at the after party! xo SF

  4. really, i’m a less is more kinda gal. or, i try to be. my dear girlfriend is weaning me into wearing crazy over-the-top stuff…like colors 😉

    haha, glad to help – though i’m not sure you’re closer to knowing the butter’s significance.

  5. Fantastic advice for anyone, as usual, and who wouldn’t want more? I certainly do, especially when it comes to cleavage…to stare at that is! lol! Iknow, I’m such a cad.

    And taking cads, I’ll try put out my ‘butch’ version of these in the next couple of days. How’s that? 🙂

    Cleavage, stilettos, and fishnets could get the better of any butch, so all caddishness is forgiven. Looking forward to your post! xo SF

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