Sublimefemme Tells All, No. 16

In an emergency situtation, always ground and center yourself by fixing your lipstick first. 



6 Responses

  1. Agreed. It’s very hard to focus on articulating critical points if you’re not 100% positive that your lips are perfect.

  2. Which is why we all should have triple A, who wants to be in heels with a white cashmere coat in the rain with a flat tire, AND no lipstick!

  3. SF! We did it! We made the ultimate femmemometer! Go to Loverbirds! SKWEEE!

  4. I always apply lipstick before doing something I have to concentrate on – it’s a mental thing. However, I will often go to parties without any on! But homework, gambling, adding radiator fluid, cooking a meal, cleaning the house – they all require lipstick.

  5. This totally made me grin! 😉

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