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Today, Sublimefemme Unbound explores the vexing question that has baffled philosophers throughout the ages:  Who is lingerie for?  The femme wearing it or the person who enjoys seeing her in it?   

v284790Van has always been very…enthusiastic about my passion for glamorous underthings.  Today, when I asked her opinion on a few seductive babydolls, bras, and panties that I’m considering purchasing for Feb. 14, she was happy to oblige.  However, she also said that I could probably wear a sexy little something from my personal collection that’s she’s forgotten and it would be just as good as something new.   


But really, darlings, where’s the fun in that?   I can go shopping in my own lingerie drawer for the rest of the year, but on Feb. 14?  Thanks, but no.  I’ve always been baffled by certain straight women who are disappointed when the men in their lives give them lingerie as a gift.  “It’s really a present for him,” they complain.  I completely disagree.  What good is Valentine’s Day unless you can consume large quantities of chocolate and buy lingerie that makes you feel like the second coming of Sophia Loren?!! 


I think every femme (single or partnered) deserves to do something to make herself feel beautiful and sex kittenish on Valentine’s Day.  What are you going to do to treat yourself, my pretties?  And what negligée/lingerie pictured here do you think I should get for myself? 😉

Photo Credit:  All images from Victoria’s Secret.



13 Responses

  1. i am in complete agreement that lingerie can absolutely be for the person wearing it. my lingerie collection has expanded exponentially in the past few years as i’ve started to recognize this and have become selecting items for myself. this is not to say, of course, that others have not enjoyed these selections, but that i’m far more into how wearing garter belts and vintage slips, for example, makes me feel. it’s just an added bonus that it becomes a treat for the bois, as well.

    of all the choices, my vote is for #2. i’m a fan of the high-waisted shaper/garter combo. it’s so retro and adorable and the bra is fiercely hot. your van is a lucky puppy. happy v-day, professor sublimefemme. xoxo.

  2. Number 2!!! Before I even identified more as femme I watched as a femme I admired revelled in the trappings of lingerie. When you have been a tomboy your whole life, you might not immediately get the self empowerment piece of dressing oneself up from head to toe. In fact, it took a baby step of boy shorts (all cotton VS) to make me go….hey wait a minute, I look and feel sexy/feminine in this other stuff too. (It doesn’t hurt to think about how cute other ladies look in it too)

  3. both! And I also like number 2. I love that garter belt.

    My GF likes red, and I told her I didn’t have much red because I refuse to buy that cheap, bright red color that looks so trashy (IMO) I might go find something like that to wear for her for the holiday. I like black, purples, and blues, maybe a little pink.

  4. i’m with grrlchef on the baby steps thing for certain. but, even so, i’ve never understood why someone would be upset to get a gift of lingerie. i suppose that her thinking i’m sexy seems like a pretty great gift to both of us.

    i think it’s unanimous – jamie stopped in her tracks as i scrolled to number 2 😉 also, i think it’s pretty fantastic.

  5. Ooo…I’m definitely in the minority here. I like #3. It’s deep red, not bright, trashy, Fredericks red. Pink is to cutesy for V-day, and black is best reserved for, say, an anniversary? The red teddy is V-day playful, and the big bow makes me swoon.

    Which leads me to my answer to the question. I buy lingerie for me…mostly because I’ve learned that when I feel sexy, I am sexy, you know?

  6. Allyson so adeptly stated what I was trying to say…and also what LadyBrett said…its a gift for yourself..and someone else. I am going to restate my vote for number 2 because you could wear it under ones professional clothes…and what is sexier than wearing something to work that reminds you of your sweetest….

  7. I adore the second picture because stockings make me weak in the knees. And it looks a little vintage-y. Lingerie is something I wear for myself and my lover. It keeps me smiling when I am stuck “shaking my sillies out” in front of an audience of toddlers and feeling pretty even in the most ordinary clothes. My beloved is also GORGEOUS in lingerie and she wore seamed stockings for me the other night when we went out. Femme on femme is my absolute favorite and we both love pretty underthings.

  8. Girls, you’re making things *very* difficult for me!! #2 is my favorite also but Van is not exactly swooning over the shaper. Too girdle-like. Of course I could just get the bra and matching thong and then pair with a more traditional garter belt and stockings, but I’m not super excited about that option since the shaper really defines the look….

    @hussyred No, I’m the lucky puppy. When I answered Van’s ad when I was a grad student (this was back in the day when personals were in newspapers!), I never imagined it was possible to be loved so completely. Really. I have the most amazing partner.

    @grrlchef, maggie, Lady B and Allyson: yes it was a trick question; “both” is exactly right!!

    @ Allyson I agree with you about #3–I love the color. But why would black be more appropriate for an anniversary? I think black, red, pink, and lavendar are all really pretty for V-Day (as long as the reds and pinks are subtle).

    @BiblioFemme so happy to hear about your beautiful beloved! You 2 sound like quite the femmes fatales!


  9. Oh dear, I have to go with what model 1 is wearing, that does it for me, and yes, make that YES, I love to look, drool and ogle the ladies in beautiful lingerie as anyone with a pulse would do! I mean, come on, a seductive lady with just the barest hint of what lies beneath? Sigh!

    And while we’re at it, I might not have the figure to die for, or even remotely drool over, I too love to wear the odd sexy piece, now and then. And why the hell not? 🙂 It’s just as much about how it makes you feel looking, as in the wearing.

    Thanks for the lovelies to admire!

  10. I love the last one ::muah:: happy Vday!

  11. Hmm…I guess I see that red as being more playful than the black, and V-day is a playful feeling day to me… I’m not dogmatic about these things, though… =)

  12. I’m on the No. 2 train, yo. Have you tried anything from Princesse Tam Tam? I freaking HEART everything they do, and you can often find it at VS-esque prices, if you look hard enough.

    I digress.

    The tomboy and I are petite-free, so I believe we’re officially having a night out on the town (nevermind the fact that we used to fit about ten of those into just one, for several in a row…), if we can remember how that goes.

    I’m thinking of wearing the pretty dress she got me for Christmas, which has got lovely boning in the bodice and requires only the least amount of underthings.

    Surely, we will have a wonderful dinner followed by drinks and dancing, where we’ll dance and dance until that inevitable moment when we look at each other right in the middle of some awful mid-90s R&B song (thx, Cockblock) and go, “Why aren’t we home sexing? WE SHOULD BE HOME SEXING!!!” and run home. To sex. Such as.

  13. Awesome Blog, Mate! Between my better half and I we are constantly on the prowl for new and sexy undies which led me here. I certainly plan on visiting again! See Ya

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