Why Are Lesbians So Seductive?

“Why are lesbians so seductive?”  Some inquisitive Sapphic searcher typed this into hir search engine and ended up at my blog. 

If you’ve been reading for a while, you already know that I keep an eye on the search engine terms that refer people to me.  Often these search terms are predictable, e.g. “butch femme attraction,” or downright troubling, such as the recent “gray haired cougars fucking” (I’m not making that up, I swear).   But on occasion I find a philosophical complexity to certain searches, such as the existential crisis implied by my favorite googling voyeur, “lesbianism to a point of i want to look.” 

Today’s question isn’t easy to answer.  Why are lesbians so seductive?  Why do people of various sexual persuasions find us distractingly alluring?   Is it because we’re bad girls?  Gender outlaws?   What do you think??   Personally, I think there is something irresistable about an autonomous, sexually confident woman.    Queer women have a sexual power that’s beguiling and (at least to some) dangerous because it isn’t about seducing men.  In a world in which authentic female eroticism is still rare, lesbians dare to be both subjects and objects of desire.  Pretty hot.


One Response

  1. lesbians defy the patriarchal system that we are all subject to, because, as you said, our sexual power isn’t about seducing men. we own it; men have no sexual power over us, and we don’t pander to them. it is delightful, it’s delicious, and it’s intriguing.

    good topic.

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