Don’t Bother to Knock

I try not to talk about my day job here on SF Unbound and, don’t worry, I don’t intend to start now.   But your favorite sublimely femme queer theorist is positively drowning in work, darlings.  My office looks like a disaster zone, which is why I’ve moved to a daybed like Marilyn.  I’m just taking a teensy break to wish you all a good week–well, I may also take a few minutes to freshen up my manicure, too.  A girl has to keep her spirits up, right?  

Even though I’m toiling I’d love to hear from you, so stop by and visit anytime.   Don’t bother to knock!


2 Responses

  1. Buried in grading, I have been staring at my latest blog in its draft form for DAYS. I can completely relate. That day bed looks luscious…..

    My drink of the day is: a lavender Caipirinha….c’est parfait on a sunny day like today.

    How glamorous! You and your cocktails (you have one for me, right?) are welcome on my day bed anytime 😉 xo SF

  2. Good luck working through all your work!

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