Femme Myths

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Myth #1  Femmes are helpless

Myth #2  Femmes aren’t really dykes

Myth #3  Femmes are passive

Myth #4  Femmes can’t be tomboys (or tomboys can’t be femmes)


What myths about femme and/or lesbian gender do you want to rid the world of?  

And hey, don’t I look good putting on my spare tire?! 😉



9 Responses

  1. Myth: Femmes are conforming to heteronormative beauty standards/trying to “pass”.

    Nuts to that, we just like tarting up! Lipstick does not equal straight.

  2. Myth: Femmes aren’t lesbians because lesbians reject fashion, style, and a clear sense of individuality.

    Why are Femmes invisible by some standards? My politics and sexuality are not mutually exclusive…

  3. p.s. I find the above assumption somewhat offensive to femmes and lesbians in general….see everyone’s comments in the tomboy femme post….

  4. Myth: Femmes aren’t educated. Oh sure, they may know a lot about shopping, or children, or cleaning, but when it comes to discussing something serious or technical like politics or the stock market, the femme should just sit and look pretty. Leave the mental heavy lifting to the butches, so to speak.

    I first saw this myth about women in general in the hetero world, but I’ve seen it carry over to femmes in lesbian circles.

    I guess I should add my disclaimer that I think this is bullshit. I think intelligent women who speak their minds are incredibly sexy.

  5. @G That’s something I really struggle with. It’s frustrating how differently people judge my intellect when I appear more feminine.

  6. Myth #2 Femmes aren’t really dykes

    Well, I just got accused of that on my own blog. I didn’t think that one was still alive and well. Well, not so much that I’m femme but that I date only studs/butches.

  7. Yes, SF, you look great putting that tyre on!

    Myth: Femmes don’t smoke roll ups.

    Oh yes they do!!


  8. […] going to quote liberally, but it’s definitely worth reading the entire thing.  Along with Sublime Femme’s recent “Femme Myth’s” post, it’s inspired me to finally write about how as a femme woman, I am often considered […]

  9. Myth : femme only receive, just like term uke,

    The truth is, we all have the desire to do our partner, LOL

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