Foot Fetish

I finished my big project (on time!!) and am treating myself to a relaxing weekend.  I’ve spent the day sitting around in my PJ’s and lavendar Uggs reading the paper and drinking coffee and I’m now heading to my favorite salon for a spa pedicure. 

I’m a pedicure Diva, I admit it.  In her Femme Economics column, Moira said that pedicures don’t seem worth it.  Is she out of her ever loving mind?  Pretty feet and toes are a necessity as far as I’m concerned.  No need to balance my chakras with reflexology or some other trendy treatment–one  pampering pedicure will revive body and spirit as far as I’m concerned!  If only they had a bar at the salon, life would be perfect. 😉  Happy weekend, darlings!  

Post-pedicure PS:  My feet look exactly like this pic, except that my toenail color is OPI Red.



4 Responses

  1. I love those shoes! Enjoy your pampering weekend.

  2. You know how I feel about pedicures … worth every penny. I don’t do the OPI thing, but it’s fantastic just for the massage on my feet and calves.

  3. mmmmm I loveee pedicures! And YES you too can have a cocktail with your pedi! My bff took me here for my bday last year! FUN!

    OMG this beauty lounge is genius!! Can I come visit you and your gayboy bff (just a guess) sometime? xo SF

  4. Even if you somehow manage to DIY pedicure as good as it’s done at the actual salon, the amt. of time and effort it takes is inferior to the pampering and effortlessness of having someone else do it.

    And SF, a place around the corner had a nice wine selection for clients to enjoy for ALL of their services…from massages to haircuts to mani-pedis to waxing.

    I prefer champagne, but who’s picky?

    C’mon you’re picky!! But you’re in good company because Van used this very same word to describe me this morning. 😉

    For the record, I do give myself the occasional pedicure to keep the beauty bill down (I do a home version of Bliss Spa’s milk and almond spa pedicure) but it takes me hours to get the salon result and by the time I’m done my back is killing me from all the bending and twisting. The way I see it, I can splurge on my fancy pedicures b/c I’ve been doing my nails myself regularly for at least 10 years–so think how much I’ve saved on manicures!

    Clearly I need to relocate to your neighborhood! That salon sound heavenly. xo SF

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