Sublime & Van on Vacay

There’s no place like home, but sometimes you just need to pack up and get the hell out!  Van and I have been working really hard lately so we’re leaving town for a much-needed getaway. 

Our destination is top secret, but here’s a hint.  If in the next few days you meet a fascinating femme who’s a dead ringer for Charlize Theron and her dapper Rachel Maddow look-a-like partner, that’s probably us.  If you start talking to them and find that the femme has a penchant for words like “theorize” and has an opinion about absolutely everything, and the butch generally finds this charming instead of annoying, that’s definitely us.

Update:  Van has now read this post an insists that she’s more annoyed than charmed by my opinionated tendencies.  But I think she’s wrong. (See, this is just how opinionated I am!)  “Charmed” may be a tad overstated by I think she’s generally bemused even if she won’t quite admit it.  

OK, I have to pack and Van is telling me to Stop the Insanity and turn off the computer.  (But she’s bemused, I swear.) 

Happy weekend, all.  Cheers!


3 Responses

  1. Bon Voyage my dear SF! May you have happy and relaxing travels!


  2. Have a fun vaca SF! The kittens tell me they are jealous- they want a vacation too. It means new things to pounce on, lol.
    Ferret and I may be taking a trip of our own, which I will not say more about just now.
    Have fun (and yes, they are charmed by our opinions, no matter how they protest)!

    Hi L, Thx the vacay was short but sweet! Thanks for stopping by 😉 xo SF

  3. Don’t you dare ever come out here without telling me first. I’ll sob endlessly.

    PS. I hope your minibreak was fantastical!

    No sobbing, darling; don’t ruin your makeup! Our getaway wasn’t nearly as fantastical as your ski bunny adventure with M (I’m sooo impressed!) but we had a great time, thx. xo SF

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