High Fashion Androgyny

In her comment on my Tomboy Chic post, angiesyounglover posted a great Studio Show movie  featuring the androgynous Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen.   (Thanks AYL!)  For me, Freja highlights the distinction between being a tomboy and being androgynous.  Like Jenny Shimizu, Freja is so gender flexible that she’s almost post-gender.  And yet, she really does take the risks of identifying with the extremes of gender much like tomboy femmes.  

Especially in light of the “tomboy chic” phenomenon, I’m curious about the influence of Freja and other contemporary models (of various sexual orientations) who are known for their androgynous looks.   Omahyra Mota?  Agyness Deyn?  Anja Rubik?  Who else?  I’m not very familiar with the world of high fashion modeling so please make suggestions.  

Here are some pics of Freja from the February 2009 issue of i-D magazine.  What do you think?








8 Responses

  1. yay! freja love.

    (psst: i wasn’t calling stevie ancient! i commented back to you on that)

    Thx for getting me thinking about Freja, and for your postscript. A weight has been lifted 😉 xo SF

  2. So pleased to see the two of you acquainted!

    Freja is stunning.

  3. laia, YOURE THE ONE that started my obsession.

  4. Very sexy, I would also add model Jenny Shimizu!

    I’m not surprised, considering the hot pic of her on your blog! 😉 It’s interesting to me that you see her as a butch icon b/c I’ve always thought of her as more andro than butch (although I concede that Freja is probably more andro than Jenny). I’d love to hear what our resident butches think about all of this but they seem to have disappeared…! xo SF

  5. Oh, wow. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Sadly I can’t add more than that, lol, I’m not very in-tune with the fashion world.

    I am, however, enjoying the tomboy-femme/androgyny path your recent posts have been tracing 🙂

  6. I think gender variant peoples have thier own unique beauty that should be as appreciated and enjoyed as binary models or actors.

  7. […] a comment » Via SublimeFemme, (pictures NSFW) I am crushing so hard on Danish “tomboy-femme” model Freja Beha […]

  8. Jenny, though hot, has never been my first choice in androgyny. Freja pulls it off beautifully. Being obsessed with models, i can tell you that most of them can pull off androgyny since theyr mainly models due to their versatility and they have strong bone structures. I cant post any pics but the ones of the top of my head are ajuma nasenyana, malgosia bela, erin o’connor, tao okamoto, jamie bochert, lara stone(if you dont pay attention to her boobs), kirsten owens, even mollie gondi of antm 6. Thanks for freja, shes phenomenal.

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