She’s so butch! Butch/Femme video

“I like butch girls and I cannot lie!”  So say the self-described “hyper fly ladies” of  TEAM GINA as they show their appreciation for butches “on behalf of the queer femme nation.” 

I came across this lighthearted video, which features the Seattle-based duo Team Gina with Cindy Wonderful, on The New Gay.  I like the whole ironic homohop thing, but the video actually struck me as very 90s. And very white.  Kinda sweet, kinda problematic–but funny anyway. Thoughts? 

9 Responses

  1. I love this video. It tickles me pink every time I see it. …Ohhh, now that I’m pink I have to reapply my makeup to coordinate! Lipgloss!

  2. I feel like it kind of encourages femme/femme competition. The idea of “more femmes than butches” is probably true, but it sort of pits femmes against other femmes for butch attention/approval. My girlfriend finds Cindy Wonderful’s raps about femmes really misogynist. I’m sure it’s all lighthearted and in good fun, but I can’t help but to think there’s a grain of truth to every joke… you know?

    The “more femmes than butches” is highly relative depending on where you live! I’m not a big fan of this video–something about its gleeful attitude toward stereotypes–but I have to say that the femme/femme competition thing doesn’t seem fair. The lyrics or video don’t promote this; if anything, I think it’s tougher on butches because of the “Butch-Off.” If I were a butch girl, the ranking of butches 1-10 would piss me off. Do we really need to go there?

    On a totally different subject, I bet you can’t wait for The Real Housewives of New Jersey in May, right? 😉 xo SF

  3. Thought this was only slightly as funny as the sleeping my through the l word cast that was on youtube…..

  4. I love Team Gina, but for more butches and femmes, check out

    “My Puss” by Margaret Cho – silly song, but video with hot, diverse butches and femmes – diverse sizes and races.

    with lipstick smearing femme kisses

    Hi whoretic, Thx for the great tip. Love the Margaret Cho song. But I didn’t see any femme kisses in the video on youtube! xo SF

  5. Yes my puss is TOO FUNNY….its a household joke around here….

  6. “one of them and like 30 of us…”

    so true!

  7. okay, i love this video. it’s so utterly ridiculous, and i think that is the perfect way to approach stereotypes. but then, i think we’ve been through the “i think stereotypes are fun” thing (and the caveat; it’s taking them seriously that creates problems).

    the part that gives me pause is the “back in the day” thing at the beginning. like, how much can you pine for the “good old days” when you very clearly weren’t around for them? and it seems a little ugly to completely ignore the negative side of history, even if you do “miss” butch/femme.

    there’s also the defensive butch “i’m a top, i swear” thing (though i do kind of id with gina’s lyrics there 😉 but the flagging incorrectly bit *is* kind of funny to me in a roundabout way. as in, trying to be all traditional/old school gay, but without actually doing any research into the history and ending up looking kinda dumb because of it.

    Dear Lady B, Well you’ve charmed me once again with your insights, this time because you didn’t let your affection for the video stand in the way of a good critique. Your point about romanticizing “the good old days” is right on. It reminds me of the Austin Powers approach to the 60s –e.g. isn’t it *fun* to take all the politics out of history, baby? Of course the 60s were commodified long before Austin Powers came along, but I trust you see what I’m saying. “Presentism” is a total pet peeve of mine. (Yes I really said that. Don’t you wish you could take my classes?) 😉 xo SF

  8. p.s. “one of them and like 30 of us” is absolutely regional. it is, if anything, the opposite around here.

  9. Are they bobbing to a beat I’m not hearing? Lmao at “very white”.

    It’s funny I should see your post since I was just reading about queer performances, irony, and hiphop. I find it interesting that while usually (white) hipsters(?) use irony in performances such as the video above, queers in of color (generalizing here) strive towards a “realness”(to use house ball slang).

    I’m wondering why that is exactly…

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