Sublimefemme Tells All, No. 20

I’m not a cook but I look good cooking.



12 Responses

  1. *giggle* I’m an OK cook, however, I do own a vast collection of vintage aprons (hostess aprons) that I like to wear just cuz they’re cute…so forget the food, it’s all about aesthetic!

    I couldn’t agree more! Any pics of you in those vintage aprons?
    xo SF

  2. Anything you can eat that doesn’t cause weight gain is a good thing and I’d definitely eat that! lol

  3. I think, I would not be allowed to look like that at work…but I do fancy me a cute apron while at home cooking….

    I’m sure you look adorable, cute apron or not! xo SF

  4. ooh, vintage aprons, how fantastic!
    though i must say i’m pretty fond of my spiderman apron =)

  5. Goodness.

    If I had a woman like this in my kitchen, I wouldn’t care if she could cook or not.

  6. my girl’s the cook out of the two of us, but I TRY. bra and panties cooking, totally necessary. aprons? not necessary. it’s more fun to have stains licked off your skin, no? 🙂

  7. Only advisement ladies….dont cook bacon naked….

  8. @grrlchef13: i’ve cooked it without a shirt on, and, yeah, i’m with you on this advisement. when i flipped those crisp suckers, grease sizzled and splattered on my stomach – to which i yelled “FUCK!!!” not sexy.

  9. M’s scolded me many a time for streaking into the kitchen b/c this or that timer went off during a state of undress.


    She’s been known to cook in her manties, so I don’t want to hear it.

    And SF, sister, you and me both. God, I’m a horrible cook, for the most part. Here is a great blog and hilarious pic of me cookin’ up a good Southern meal in a leopard print dress:

  10. i love this pin up picture i love the 40’s 50’s background and i’m a pastry chef so this picture is just perfect i love it

  11. Hello:

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