Peace, Love, and the Femme Revolution


Wonder Woman stands for peace, shouldn’t you?

It’s not all glamour and glitz here in the World of Sublime Femmeness.  Yes,  it’s hard to believe, I know, but I won’t be spending the holiday weekend just reclining on my chaise lounge sipping cocktails.  Why, you ask?  Because I’m appalled that Congress just passed a war spending bill for nearly $100 bilion that will allow President Obama to escalate the war in Afghanistan.  You might not even know about this because the media is giving so little attention to this war.   

(A domestic interruption.)  Van just this minute shouted from the next room to ask me what I’m doing.  When I told her I’m writing about how we need to stop the war in Afghanistan she gasped, “They’re going to think someone else has taken over your blog!”

You don’t really think that, do you?  You all know that The Femme Revolution means fighting for gender/sexual freedom, human rights, and social and international justice.   (In heels, but still.)   I have faith in you, dear readers.  Which is why I’m urging you to support veterans’ anti-war efforts and oppose President Obama’s dangerous expansion of this war.  Talk to your friends and family about why we shouldn’t be committing more troops and billions of dollars to Afghanistan. 

Check out this article, Out of Afghanistan for more info.  And to get your Memorial Day weekend off on the right foot, here are some inspiring words from a TV show that was a shining beacon of American democracy:  

“Wonder Woman!  Now the world is ready for you / and the wonders you can do / Make a hawk a dove, stop a war with love. ”

Need I say more? 😉

7 Responses

  1. Well, thanks for posting this. I was wondering how long it would take Obama to get a taste for dropping bombs. But if he wants to be a real grown-up president he’ll have to choose a new country to bomb for himself.

  2. wow, thank you for posting this. everyone thinks obama is some peace lord, but hmm, are we seeing a pattern? it concerns me that the media is so quick to sing his praises on, um, everyfuckingthing he does (especially that fucking dog bull shit and all the details on how good a father he is…i fucking care? no.) but with stuff like this, they are hesistant to put in the papers.

    “(in heels, but still)” … ahahah!! nice.

  3. yes, indeed. and thank you for the link.
    also, no need to worry about being recognized; wonder woman tipped us off that it’s still you 😉

    perfectlips – just to be cranky about it, obama was very clear about supporting an increase in the war in afghanistan throughout his entire campaign. i agree that it’s one of his major faults, but we – especially those of us who support/ed him – can’t really pretend it’s a change or surprise.

    You’re quite right; Obama spoke throughout the campaign about greater focus on Afghanistan. However, he also said that any Afghanistan plan should have a clear exit strategy and yet he hasn’t articulated one (or specific benchmarks) despite escalating the war. This is eerily similar to what Bush did in Iraq. How long will it take for us to stop fighting undeclared wars without specific objectives? xo SF

  4. ah, yes, you’re absolutely right (but who needs a plan?) ugh. as for your last comment, i don’t have high hopes. every time i try to convince myself otherwise i think for a moment about south america – we’ve a long history to go on here.

  5. I am rapidly losing patience and good faith in this administration.

    Very, very rapidly.

    What of all his talk about revolutionizing the things get done? What about the slow, plodding, tiresome process of “progress” being ineffective and outdated?

    He’s quickly turning into “one of them,” no matter how endearing the official White House flickr stream appears to be.

  6. I shouldn’t have missed this post, but I’m so glad I came across your sentiments later than never, This is an issue that’s been bugging me for the longest now. This administration is slowly shaping up to be a much watered down version of previous ones with their war hawking and broken promises. The back peddling is alarming to say the least.

  7. Hi – I was wondering if you would help me to locate this photograph of Wonder Woman / Linda Carter – I am working on an exhibit about the Flag and our National Anthem and the many ways the Flag has been used over the course of our history in this country. Would love to include this image in the exhibtion. Hope you can help me. Thanks.

    Hi Anna, Wish I could help, sorry. I agree that this is a great image. I hope you’re able to use it in the exhibit! -SF

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