Happy B’day Angelina

It’s Angelina Jolie’s birthday, which got me to thinking.  Remember when Angie was an unpredictable wild child and all-around badass, not the perfect wife/mother/Hollywood goddess/goodwill ambassador?   I’m glad she’s happy, really I am, but I miss the good old days when she played with knives, kissed girls, dressed like Morticia Adams, wore a vial of Billy Bob’s blood on a necklace, showed off her tattoos, and wasn’t afraid to rock out her tomboy femme side!  But hey, you know how I feel about bad girls! 😉





AJ gonein60seconds


7 Responses

  1. I miss the good old bad days too!


  2. I concur.

    I had to come back more than once to look at these yummy pictures.

    For some reason I’m not surprised 😉 Thx for stopping by, Em. xo SF

  3. seriously. she’s a big ol’ fuckin bore now. it just goes to show you, and i stand by this, that kids ruin everything.


  4. okay, i know that’s not true in all cases.

    Hey what happened to “I stand by this?” 😉 Personally, I’d take a puppy over a baby any day of the week! xo SF

  5. Atta girl, AYL.

    The knife stays in the boot, kid or no kid.

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