Ecofemme…Not So Much

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I have no desire to get back to the earth, however unfashionable that admission may be.  In fact, I try to avoid contact with garden tools at all costs.   When Van and I were house hunting a few years ago, I agreed to give up apartment living on one condition:  I would never have anything to do with the lawn of any house we purchased.  (This is utterly reasonable, right?)  To her credit, Van has gallantly kept up her side of the agreement without complaint.  It’s not that I’m lazy–I do lots of other work around the house, believe me.  But garden?  Sorry, I’m not Michelle Obama and I won’t be growing my own organic, heirloom tomatoes anytime soon. 

However, I must confess the truth, darlings.  Although green chic may elude me, I actually did some container gardening with Van yesterday.  She was very clever about getting me involved in this little project; as she explained, planting anything in a pot doesn’t count as yardwork.  I had to concede this point.  Plus she enticed me with the promise of a post-gardening cocktail hour, which totally worked.  (No surprise there.) And I must admit it was rather lovely having cocktails surrounded by all our beautiful flowers!


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  1. i love gardening of all types — tiny container herb gardens, ornamental landscapes, giant kitchen gardens — but what i love even more is her outfit.

  2. I LOVE GARDENING….As long as I am on a chaise lounge with a lovely mint lemonade in hand working on a lovely “glow” as I watch my sexy girlfriend do the gardening…..THAT my friends is a great way to spend some time giving back to mother earth…don’t you think so?

    You’ll get no disagreements from me on this, Esmeralda! Thx for stopping by. xo SF

  3. My dad loves gardens and gardening…lives for it in fact. Alas, I didn’t get the gardening gene.

  4. First and foremost: WHAT IS THAT LOVELY ENSEMBLE IN THE PHOTO. I need to sunbathe in it. Immediately and for evermore. Give it.

    Second: I swear to God we are soulmates. I don’t mind stumbling upon a wonderful new green product or even making the semi-frequent decision to buy a Cargo PlantLove lipstick over another brand, but the second you get all preachy about it I will stop listening.

    Third: In the way of gardening in an actual garden, I live rather happily in a neighborhood where the only thing that thrives is towering concrete. Suburban green repulses me. I am a woman of extremes. If left to my own devices and an actual garden, I would simply pick out the prettiest little seed packets, jumble them all together into a crazy nonsensical mess and let the chips fall where they may. Let the best, most badass flowers and things win, because I am not for budgeting my precious non-work hours with the need to be plucking away weeds or whatever is done in gardens. That is SO robbing me of precious cocktail and sexing time.

    See what I was saying about being soulmates? XO!

    Why yes I *do* see what you mean! I was hoping someone else would share my city girl snarkiness–so glad it was you! Wish I could help with the ensemble, darling. The pic (July 2008) is from Vanity Fair’s pinup series. xo SF

  5. haha, lovely sneakiness. i hated gardening for years due to forced gardening-as-family-time during my childhood. but, as a practically impractical hippie foodie type i am looking forward to starting a garden of my own. it will contain food, and the pretty plants can fend for themselves (as they have clearly been doing with some success for the last few years =)

    “Practically impractical?” To the contrary, I can see you growing your own food very successfully! Just save some basil and a tomato or 2 for me. 😉 xo SF

    • Basil for cocktails, you lush!

      I actually was thinking of caprese salads and pesto, I swear! xo SF

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