1950’s Bombshell or 1940’s Pin-Up?


Do you have glamorous karma?  Journey into the world of Old Hollywood and discover the classic film star you were in a past life.  The quiz 1950’s Bombshell or 1940’s Pin-Up? Which Classic Film Star Are You? will tell you all about your inner screen goddess.  And guess what?  It just so happens that I’m the reincarnation of one of my favorite lesbian icons.  Quelle charmant surprise!

GRETA GARBO: 1920’s-1950’s
Congratulations!! You were the legendary Greta Garbo. A woman of profound genius and incredible talent, you took Hollywood by storm. You never relied on overt sexuality to carry you to stardom, and instead stunned audiences world-wide with your intense, vividly honest roles. Your perfectly proportioned face and large, expressive eyes captured people’s hearts and minds. You were very meticulous, concentrated, and purposeful with your acting career. Trained in Sweden, you became the silent film star of the twenties and progressed with the decades. You were nominated for over ten academy awards and received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Your legendary role was in Camille where you immortalized the most heart-wrenching and honest death scene caught on film. Outside of work, you were very reclusive and anti-social. You controled every film you did, and picked every lead male counterpart. Only a few men could match your presence on screen, making your lead male the most difficult to cast. You retired from film upon wanting privacy and seclusion. You never allowed anyone to unveil your very mysterious aura. You left one of the biggest legends behind, and remain an inspiration to this day.



5 Responses

  1. I am Mae west! **HELL YES**!!!

    “Sassy little Miss Mae West! You’re a sharp-tongued, witty, hilarious, sexual, edgy play write and actress. You were the rebellious star of classic Hollywood and loved nothing more than to make those sexist, Hollywood execs squirm. You were never afraid to push the envelope, and ran into many incarcerations and problems with the law due to your taboo sexual openness. You were pullin’ a Madonna back in the 30’s!! Now that’s courage. You loved to act in comedy, it suited your quick tongue and love for word play. Behind all the burlesque costumery and rebellious attitude is an extremely intelligent and well-read woman. You focused on creating and writing, and wound up with your own production company. While all the other “beauties” faded away with age and diminishing beauty- you starred in films that you produced and directed well into your seventies. Now about that whole satanist thing….”

    I love her attitude…she was an insatiable lady!

    “Come up and see me sometime…”

    = )

    Lucky you!! By the way, I can’t believe the person who wrote this quiz would imply that Mae West was a satanist!! Ridiculous! For the record, Mae was interested in what used to be called “spiritualism”–seances, astrology, ESP, that sort of thing. West believed in reincarnation and, with her characteristic flair, described Catherine the Great as her “preincarnation.” xo SF

  2. Greta Garbo here as well. I would not call her a “1950’s Bombshell” or a “1940’s Pin-up. She is in a class all by herself. Time to watch “Ninotchka” again.


    Hi Miss Raven, You’re absolutely right; Garbo is neither a bombshell nor a pinup. Besides, she’s is best known for her films from the 20s and 30s! xo SF

  3. RITA HAYWORTH: 1940’s
    You were considered an exotic beauty of the 1940’s. Men around the world adored you. You were in one of the first color pictures and your fiery red hair became a sought after commodity. Aside from such sensual beauty, you were also an incredible dancer. Your latino father nurtured your gift as a child and you capitalized on this poetic talent. Although you had incredible presence on screen, your were an incredibly shy person. You had quite a few insecurities and never could seem to get relationships quite right. Although any man would have done anything in his power to be with you, in reality, you existed beyond your screen characters and the men couldn’t handle that. Being such an idealized fantasy made in impossible for you to satisfy any partner’s expectations. This led to mounting insecurities and as you aged, your career began to fade away. You led a glamorous and exotic life though, including marrying a foreign prince and having a royal daughter. Your grace and beauty left an everlasting impact well beyond your days.

    i do aspire to being a 40s pin-up 😉

    Rita was probably the sexiest, too. I hope Jamie realizes how lucky she is to be living with a bona fide love goddess! xo SF

  4. How funny! I got Audrey Hepburn!

  5. I got marilyn Monroe, I always get her. She’s my idol.

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