On Your Knees! It’s Miss Grace Jones


Who else could pull off gold eyebrows with so much ferocity but the incomparable Grace Jones?  I know, I know.  She scares you, right?  Frankly, I hope so. 

While I have not been blessed with Miss Jones’s gift for provocation, l have nothing but admiration for her willingness to embody extremity of all kinds.  To me, her sculptural beauty and edgy visual style–a collision of tribal and techno, masculine and feminine–will always be her greatest creation.

Here’s an excerpt from photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s interview with the legendary Lady Grace in V Magazine (Spring 2009):

JPG Would you say that your rebellion towards your family’s authority extended to your relationship with the men in your life?
GJ I think so, yes. And I think that is what contributed to my masculinization. I deliberately challenged men’s roles. In fact, I survived by taking on both roles. By the way, I also think that all men need to be penetrated.
JPG I beg your pardon?
GJ At least once in their lifetime.
JPG Why?
GJ Because then they would understand what it is like to receive. It’s my own theory, which I think could help take some of the aggression out of the world.
JPG But isn’t the nature of man to give, or should I say to provide?
GJ Of course not. It’s the nature of man to give and receive—to be man and woman, all in one.
JPG But you’re not about to become a man, are you?
GJ No, but some men think I’m a man…
JPG What men?
GJ [Laughs] Look, I’m not your average woman. I know that! I try to live with myself and figure myself out. I have terrible relationships because of my temper and some men actually want to kill me because they think I have more balls than they do….



grace_jones by jean-paul goude

Grace Jones & Azzedine Alaïa

grace jones

grace jones by andrea klarin

5 Responses

  1. I love her! I’m so glad she was covered in the recent V magazine.

  2. “All men should be penetrated.” Go, Grace, Go!!!!!

  3. i think a lot of housewives need to read this.
    a lot of women, for that matter.
    and men.


  4. Actually, I know quite a few women who think all men should be penetrated, because it would remake their personalities more than any other single event. My understanding is the conseqences can be hard to predict, but range from enhanced female devotion, to sissification, to propetual limpness. Sorry about the puns there…

    Bring on the sissification! Thx for stopping by, Kim. xo SF

  5. I love Grace Jones!!!!! It is wonderful to see that she is still doing her thing. But I don’t believe her is recongnition is great enough! Her beleifs challenges us to think outside of traditional roles. Although I love being a woman and being treated like a woman I can relate to Ms. Jones because I have strong opinions and I will take control.

    Ms. Dale

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