Lucky Girl

So I lost $40 playing blackjack last night.  I’m still a lucky girl, right?  Next time I just need to figure out when to double down….  Let me know if you have any tips for me!


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  1. M really should have used this image for our new poker night.

    My tips are top secret from the special femme arsenal and can only be whispered from femme to femme in dark, smoky corners, safe from prying eyes under the cover of ice clinking softly in cocktails.

    I bet you feel better already!

    Isn’t the pic great? Maybe you could use it to make retro tees as a poker night giveaway. So Skinny, who usually does better, you or M?

    Although I would like to be privy to the secret femme arsenal (who wouldn’t?), I really don’t feel badly about my $40 “donation” to the casino. It’s not like I lost the rent/mortgage money 😉 xo SF

    • M taught me most of what I know, but I don’t play nearly as often as she does.

      The giveaway idea is adorable!

  2. 1) master “basic strategy”
    2) learn to count cards!

    Hi nikki, Card counting is WAY beyond my abilities, but I’ll work on the basic strategy before I head back to the casino. Thanks! xo SF

  3. Well, for myself I’m pretty much a dumb luck kinda guy, but I’m pretty sure “cleavage” is a standard answer to that question. Then again, it’s totally reliant on the dealer’s proclivities.

  4. nippppples! i wanna play!

    did this casino night involve loose ties, rolled up button-downs, and tousled tomboy hair? because i’d lose money too if that was the case. za za licious!

  5. @ AYL If only! However, I do think that there was an older, passing butch (with her gf) playing at my table. She didn’t say much, just smoked and squinted a lot behind her huge pile of chips. After we left the casino, I asked Van what she thought about this couple. As usual, Van failed to see queerness of any kind and said my tough butch was a cisgendered guy. We’ve had disagreements of this nature for years. I maintain that I have a highly refined gender/gaydar and pick up on complexities that may elude others. (Yes, I’m a gender guru, darlings.) Van, however, insists that I read too much queer theory and “need to get out more.” No joke, I’m quoting her directly. Humph.

  6. Wait, where is it written that winning at blackjack is related to being lucky? I’m sure you are quite lucky, my friend … no need to worry about counting cards.

    Hi G, Doesn’t the luck of the draw figure in at all?! Thx for the vote of confidence, and for the visit 😉 xo SF

  7. sf, right or wrong, it makes the world so much more fun to assume queerness 😉

    i’m not much of a gambler, but i play one on stage – and she’s certainly going to have to be my new lady luck!

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