Femme Prof Seeks RA

There’s something about the start of the school year that makes me happy even when I have way too much work to do.  I must admit that this year Professor Sublimefemme is way behind schedule (thus the dearth of posts).  Seriously darlings I need a research assistant.  Any takers?  I define “research” broadly and I am very appreciative of a job well done.

Jurnee Smollett_vanities0705


7 Responses

  1. oh Professor SF… Do elaborate!

    It’s a very…um…flexible position. Does that help? xo SF

  2. Can I be your RA? I love research! And assisting! And being flexible! And exclamation points!
    I would totally be your research slave so I could sit at your feet and bask in the glow of high-femme glamour!

    How soon can you get here? I can’t possibly imagine what I ever did to deserve you, darlin. xoxo SF

  3. I think my qualifications would put me into contention for graduate assistant or coteacher….
    we could switch ;-}

    My my aren’t we feeling saucy today? Your qualifications are indeed impressive my dear. xoxo SF

  4. oh dear – almost makes me wish i hadn’t passed on grad school!

    good luck finding your ra – and have fun with the interviews 😉

    So I can’t persuade you to apply for the job, then? Because working with you would truly be a pleasure. xoxo SF

  5. Am I too late to interview? I dream of having a research job one day, most simply because I love learning and figuring things out. Plus, having a professor for a boss? Hot!

    I can always make room for one more, especially when the application is from one of my favorite butches in the blogosphere!xoxo SF

  6. Where did you find that great pin-up image?
    I love it!


    Vanity Fair, from their Vanities Girls feature. Glad you like it! xo SF

  7. you know i am an RA in real life, right?
    well, … resident assistant, but still!

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