Summer, a Toast

Summer is coming to an end, my lovelies, so I’m raising my glass in appreciation. (For inquiring minds, I’m drinking Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel.) Van is mowing the lawn now but afterwards she’ll get the grill started for dinner. (Ours is charcoal, not gas, because I love the smokey taste and smell of the real thing.) I made a few simple dishes earlier in the day so all that’s left for me to do is find a cute outfit and put the finishing touches on dinner. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!



2 Responses

  1. cheers, dear (mine is a jean harlow, something, i think, of an autumn drink anyhow). though i don’t think i’ve ever been so little excited to see sumer end. heat is not my thing, but this summer has been remarkably (disturbingly) lacking in it. it’s actually been lovely. even so, there is nothing like fall!

    and three cheers for charcoal, indeed!

    I just knew you were a grilling purist! xo SF

  2. I’m with Lady Brett … I’m so ready for fall. I spotted the first change of colors on the mountainside yesterday, and I got damn near giddy because of it. That also means a trip up over the mountains soon with camera in hand.

    I grilled today too, although I didn’t have a wardrobe change into a cute outfit; I leave that up to the femmes.

    I love fall too. It’s my favorite season for the reasons you and Lady B mentioned. Plus around this time of year I get excited at th prospect of Halloween, which I adore. It’s next month! xo SF

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