Top 10 Lesbian Style & Fashion Icons


I can’t say I agree with all their picks, but I’m happy to see Kate Moennig, Beth Ditto, kd lang, and Joan Jett on Autostraddle’s Top 10 Lesbian Style & Fashion Icons list

I love that dapper kd talks about herself almost as a third gender while simultaneously owning her “womanly” body.  I’m not a Jackie Warner fan, but I think she deserved to make the list.  But hey where’s Rachel Maddow, the new “Butch Fatale?”

I should admit that Ellen Degeneres is #1 on their list, but I would much rather put up a pic of Kate Moennig (#2) than Ellen.  In addition to being everyone’s favorite sexy andro tomboy, she really does have great style. So there, Autostraddle!  And you’re welcome, dear readers.


6 Responses

  1. I’m always happy to see Ellen and k.d. make any style list. It’s kind of nice to see people like me (and I use that phrase loosely, but by that I mean women who wear a suit and wear it well, instead of being described as “dressing like a man”) get recognition for their look.

  2. List! Squee! Hot lesbian icons! I’m shallow! I know! Squee!

  3. 1 Rachel Maddow needs to be on this list.
    2 Yes Ellen is awesome. But she’s like auto-response: “name a famous lesbian who isn’t Rosie”…
    3 I feel this list needs more research.
    4 I think I’ll make my own.

  4. oh my – i am so completely in lust with joan jett.

    and, of course, k.d. lang is pretty much the celebrity definition of dapper (though, i must be honest, i kind of have a thing for her rhinestone cowboy days too).

    and, as much as i’m as silly as the next femme about rachel maddow, i don’t think she is particularly deserving of a *fashion* award (even though dykes in chucks are the damn-cutest).

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  6. Love Kate. She is gorgeous.

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