Couldn’t Resist

Shhh…Van is very jealous so please don’t tell her I was out on the town with a cute butch last night!helmut_newton_dog date

8 Responses

  1. ooh, that’s my kind of butch 😉 what a picture, too.

  2. ahem, i have to add:
    i had left this up when jamie went to use my computer – her expression was priceless, really. she recovered to say something excited about “boobs! and jowls!” with appropriate gesturing.

    i believe you have a new fan.

    Perhaps a Helmut Newton book for Jamie this xmas? 😉 xo SF

  3. Awww… so cute. I prefer English Mastiffs myself. Butch-tastic!

    Hi Lemur, I like mastiffs too but they’re huge! Too much dog for me to handle, although I have a medium (50 pound) dog that some people seem to think is too butch for me. A friend just told me that I should have a little Paris Hilton type dog I could accessorize. Ugh. xo SF

  4. Hey, not all of us butches are dogs …

    I love this picture.

    You know I don’t think butches are dogs, especially not you! xo SF

  5. ooh, i might have to file that recommendation.

    and g, dear, coming from some of us, i’m sure the comparison is a compliment 😉

  6. SF: I grew up with English Mastiffs and still miss the one we have at my parents’ house. I felt very secure in my yard- people tend to get very polite in the presence of a 160-pound dog who comes up to your hip and can pick up a soccer ball in his jaws!
    If he knew you, though, he was the sweetest dog ever. We have a picture of my youngest brother at 2 years old, riding one of our mastiffs. Like a pony. Great dogs.
    Can you tell I like dogs, the bigger the better?

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