The Purrfect Femme Fatale

Yes, my lovelies, you were right–I’m going to be Catwoman for Halloween.  Purrrfect, right?   I must confess, I was super tempted to be a lesbian vampire, but with all the Twilight fans running around, I don’t think the world needs another vampire this year.  So, consider yourself warned:  once I slip into my catsuit and high-heeled black leather boots, watch out.  I may just sink my claws into you! 

There have been so many great looks for Catwoman, but I’ve decided to do the retro version–part Julie Newmar, part Emma Peel spy chic, mostly because I want to wear a huge belt like Uma Thurman did in The Avengers. Who’s your favorite Catwoman?  And hey, does anyone have a whip I can borrow?

As my favorite feline villianess, I of course will be using my considerable powers to corrupt the good and innocent and spark evil doing.  However, it remains to be seen whether I’ll be able to use my catacylsmic charms  to entice Van into being Batman.  (We’ve often done couples costumes but not always.)

But wait!  I have breaking news! Van just came home from work and was so smitten with the sight of me in my cat ears that she agreed to be Batman on the spot!  So Halloween will be filled with (butch) bat/(femme) cat sexual tension here at chez Sublime–the question is, who will emerge victorious?  Only time will tell, my pretties.


catwoman_eartha kitt


catwoman_Michelle Pfeiffer



11 Responses

  1. Oh, the retro Julie Newmar (not Julie Newman, please forgive my comic book geek persnicketiness) is the by far the best choice of all the incarnations of Catwoman. I was very underwhelmed by the Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry live action portrayals. Even the various animated versions of Catwoman leave a lot to be desired.

    I think any Mrs. Peel inspired additions to the standard … ah … catsuit would be just divine.

    And you must find a whip at all costs! She wouldn’t be Catwoman without one just as Batman wouldn’t be Batman without the cowl.


    Thx for catching that mistake, C (it’s corrected) and for weighing in on the importance of Catwoman’s whip. Duly noted. xo SF

    • You are very welcome, SF. I am just glad I had something to add to the conversation. I get a bit lost in the nuances of lesbian and queer identities but I do know the Ladies of DC (comics not the city).

      For what it is worth if I had a party to go to I would go as Zatanna.


  2. Cat Woman wins. No offense to Van. But really. Cat Woman wins. No question. Rowr and other similar sentiments.

    I’m reconsidering my decision to dress as an exhausted frumpy mother of small trick-or-treaters. Hmm…

    Yes reconsider please! Halloween is a great time to experiment with femme personas. Have fun! xo SF

  3. hmm…I was just feeling the same way about Julie Newmar….

  4. oh, how i love batman, and all his accompanying villains!
    i am inclined to say that you can’t get better than the classics – you know how i feel about eartha kitt! – but, as i’ve mentioned before, i am kind of hopeless about michelle pfeiffer’s catwoman. her catsuit is a stellar piece of work, but of course it’s mostly the toppy cattiness. what can i say, i think i caught her (or she caught me) in my formative years. what i’m trying to say is *swoon.*

    as for halle berry, nothing against the actress, but i could barely sit through the preview for that one.

    this catwoman history begs the question: do you think catwoman will make an appearance in the new batman series? and how?

    I have no idea, but a girl can alway hope. I put that pic of Michelle up for you, of course. Swoon away. xo SF

  5. HOw exciting!!!!!!! Have a great Halloween!

  6. Oh excellent! I’m going as puss in boots -femme style 🙂
    Is it just me, or is there just something incredibly feminine in that feline mystique?

    Will you be posting a pic of you in costume, I hope? Happy Halloween! xo SF

  7. I gotta say, Halle wore the hell outta that outfit!

    You gonna post pics???

  8. Although I love both Michelle and Halle, I have to weigh-in with a vote for the Julie Newmar. It’s that cat-that-ate-the-canary look on her face that does me in every time (apologies in advance for the horribly weak cat-themed play on words).

  9. Eh CatWoman!! Wheah you stay? Wen you goin write moah da kine stuffs fo I can figah out how foh be moah femme?

    (That is a language called Hawaii Pidgin, a true creole with a gorgeous grammer and syntax and an even more beautiful accent which you’ll have to just imagine for now. Basically I’m saying “post more stuff!”)

    Your Fan, MakingSpace.

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