Have a Sublime New Year!

Hello darlings I’ve missed you!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Van and I are back at home after spending the holidays with her family. During our bazillion hours at various airports I was working on a Sublimefemme’s Favorite Things post, until I told Van about it and she said, “That’s easy; sex and Starbucks.”  Yes, Van has my number and, yes, that stunning woman you saw ordering the nonfat, one-splenda latte was me.

I’m now recovered from all the holiday festivities & my new year’s hangover (too much champagne, of course) and am looking forward to getting caught up on my blog reading. As for my favorite things, rest assured that you, dear readers, are at the top of the list. Sending you kisses and warm wishes for a sublime new year! xoxo


5 Responses

  1. haha, bravo van! as usual, a fine picture (and cardigan!)
    i hope you both have a lovely (sublime, even) new year!

    The same to you, Lady B! xo SF

  2. May 2010 bring you many happy returns of your favorite things!

    This made me smile, thanks. I’m sure 2010 has many exciting discoveries in store for you! xo SF

  3. I hope you always look exactly like all the pin-ups you post pictures of. Because that would be just, well, sublime! 😉

    Always. I never have bad hair days, chipped nail polish, or less-than-flawless makeup, and I most certainly never, ever lounge around in my pj’s until 3PM 😉 xo SF

  4. wow… i was so happy to read your comment on my page and see that someone else shares my fascination about theda bara… so I decided to take a peek at your web and it’s just amazing and … sublime!!! I just hope I’ll persevere and one day my tiny new web will look a bit like yours 😉


  5. Niiice!

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