Miss You

Sublimefemme bids a teary farewell to her HG (holy grail) foundation as she struggles to get back on her feet and pick up the pieces of her shattered life.

My beloved Pure Light, I’ll never understand why Dior discontinued you because your light-reflecting radiance was everything I ever wanted in a makeup.   You had the sheer, ultra-light look and feel of a tinted moisturizer but your corrective pigments evened out my skin tone subtly.  Best of all, your Light Essence Complex bathed my skin in a white light, leaving my complexion looking radiant, natural, and beautiful.

Farewell, my darling.  You truly were a concentration of pure light.

All Ears

I know you’re all ears to hear about Van’s much-anticipated birthday gift so here’s the scoop…  I planned a special day at home to celebrate (which was a hit), but this is her main present:   an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon!  Usually Van does outdoorsy stuff without me but I’ll be joining her for this adventure. There’s no hiking involved and a picnic lunch on the canyon floor, so I think I’ll be able to keep up, even in cute shoes!

Happy B’day Van!

I’m not a fan of aging, although I concede it’s better than the alternative.  I subscribe to Lucille Ball’s philosophy, “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”  Actually, come to think of it, living honestly is vastly overrated.

Unlike me, Van has always embraced her age.  However, some birthdays can be tough for anyone.  Van is about to enter a new decade of her life and I think she’s less casual about it than she’s letting on.  So, I’ve been scheming and planning to make this an uber fabulous b’day for her.  I’m so excited about her present, which just arrived in the mail today!  I’m really tempted to tell you what the gift is, dear readers, but Van keeps up with my blog so…sigh…mum’s the word.

A note to the birthday butch: you didn’t think I would give up the goods that easily, did you?  Since you’re here snooping around, I might as well clarify that Kylie Minogue is definitely not a clue.  However, if you want me to wear her look on your special day, just say the word. Anything for you, honey 😉  xoxo

Love Story

As many of you already know, my Van is a private person so I try not to put her and our life center stage in my blog.  But since Valentine’s Day is coming up–which I love as only a femme can; V-Day haters step away now!–I don’t think Van will mind me telling you a little of our own love story.   The truth is, she’s the best thing about my life hands down.  Even after 14 years, I’m a smitten kitten.

Van and I have often surprised each other in little or big ways on Valentine’s Day.  This tradition dates back to our very first V-Day together, when I told her that I couldn’t drive to her city as planned because of the epic snowstorm that was coming.  I was just too nervous to attempt that drive, I said.  Van was super disappointed, I could tell, but she was understanding and of course said she wanted me to be safe.

Then as soon as we got off the phone I hit the road.  You knew that was coming, right?!  Yes, I was crazy enough to drive through a raging BLIZZARD in my little Ford Escort with no anti-lock brakes. (I was a poor grad student then).  Seriously, I’ve never driven in worse conditions–snow, ice, terrible visibility, and wind so severe it blew my car all over the road.  It was positively harrowing.  But somehow I made it to Van’s apt in one piece.

I let myself in and immediately got to work cooking dinner, baking a heart-shaped chocolate cake, decorating the apt, and of course making myself gorgeous. There was a lot to do, but I knew I had enough time because Van would be working late. For a finishing touch, I took a bag of those Necco candy conversation hearts and made a trail from the elevator to the front door of her apt.  (Yes I know it’s cheesy and tacky–that’s the point!)

My little plan worked perfectly.  Van got off the elevator, sad about spending Valentine’s Day without me.  She was grumbling about the V-Day revelers who left all those candy hearts on the floor until she realized that the trail led to her door!  I still remember the look on her face when she opened the door to find me there.  Happy is an understatement.  What did my ensemble look like, you ask?  Mamie Van Doren with a dash of Susie Bright. (It was the 90s, after all.)

Now it’s your turn.  What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for Valentine’s Day or the most romantic thing someone has done for you?  (For the record, I’m defining “romantic” broadly; I certainly don’t think it has to follow traditional ideas of what constitutes romance or romantic love.)