“Puh-leeeze don’t like me!”

Inspiration from the world of Miss Grace Jones….

“I do what I want and I’m satisfied with it, whether or not it pleases everybody….  Actually, there are certain people I definitely don’t want to please.  There are some people I’m like ‘Oh no, puh-leeeze don’t like me!'”

“If you’re out there you’re vulnerable. People prefer to disappear in life, to repress their personality. That’s not living. It’s dying. I see them all over the place, the walking dead.”

“I wasn’t born this way.  One creates oneself.”

2 Responses

  1. “I wasn’t born this way. One creates oneself.”

    I love this. Although there are some definite traits I was born with, I can really identify with creating the life I want.

    I love Grace … thanks for reminding me of her fierceness.

    Hi G, I like it too (for the reasons you mention) but also because I find it refreshing for a star to admit that their persona is a carefully cultivated construction. This, of course, applies to sublimely femme bloggers as well 😉 xo SF

  2. Oh hell, SF, now after reading your comment to G I am picturing you in a flannel shirt typing your blog posts. Sob!

    Grace Jones is pretty much a tour de force of intense womanhood. Excellent post.

    I don’t own anything flannel now but I did wear flannel shirts in the 80s when I thought I was butch. Yes, my darling, it’s quite true! xo SF

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