Never Been a Bad Girl

Whether you’re nice or naughty, you’re going to like Sabrina Chap’s new video!

From The Queerist:

In a world of flash-in-the-pan acts and pop music saturation, it’s a joy to discover Sabrina Chap, a deeply talented musician who’s well grounded in songwriting and grand performanceship . When her songwriting career collided with a discovery of ragtime years ago, it launched her in a new direction, creating jazzy-heavy tunes with vintage, hearty vocals. Clever lyrics and a penchant for cabaret only amped up the appeal.   Read the rest here.

4 Responses

  1. oh my yes. and thank you!

  2. Oh dear. I have a new obsession. Oh yes!

  3. […] Chap Sunday, March 14th, 2010 | Author: sarcozona SublimeFemme brought the music of the wonderful Sabrina Chap to my attention this week.  I knew about Sabrina […]

  4. Ohmygod. Love this video. I think I may have to do my debut burlesque act to this song.

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