Glamorous Life

To be glamorous, you must refuse innocence, stimulate admiration, and invite mystery. If you can pull this off while looking fierce in a satin and marabou feather dressing gown, so much the better.

Who or what is glamour to you?

9 Responses

  1. That opening quote is so fabulous I put it on my fb page. You are ever so loverly!

    Thanks Amy. You are pretty loverly yourself! I love your artwork, especially the illustration that’s featured on your blog. xo SF

  2. oh my! Glamour is sitting around being pampered either by myself or by a member of my ‘team’ before a big event in my robe sipping on some champagne or some wine…ahhh if I could only do it EVERYDAY…that’s like my ULTIMATE version of Glam everyday glam (for me) is putting on lip gloss or the feeling I get by putting on make up or doing my hair in the morning.

    You have a “team?!” I’m impressed, Laura! 😉 xo SF

  3. I also LOVE that first sentence. That, to me, is exACTly what glam is, plus a bit of high femme. I can’t feel glamorous unless I’m in my high femme gear… heels, eyelashes, feathers, sparkles, opera gloves, nail polish, lipstick… all that. BUT, the high femme by itself does not equal glam. As you say, it’s inviting mystery and refusing innocence.

    Also, by the way, I’m doing my burlesque act to the Sabrina Chap song you posted. Really! I *love* that music video (and the song), so thanks so much for posting it.

    You’re welcome, darlin. Can’t wait to hear about your performance! xo SF

  4. Glamour is a heady mixture of allure, beauty, sultry seductiveness, and the ability to dress it all up, artfully, in a way that is beguiling. Does that about cover it?

  5. I see glamour as projecting genuine confidence that whispers “Come closer” while being clothed in something unique and stylish.

    Hmm…interesting… Glamour invites us to come closer, I agree, but it also requires a certain distance, don’t you think? Proximity and glamour don’t really mix (sigh) -SF

  6. One of the definitions of glamour is that of a magic spell. Sometimes it’s not always easy to pinpoint the ingredients that comprise glamour, but I can certainly pinpoint when I feel bewitched!

  7. Absolutely agree that it’s a push/pull effect. The glamourous invites (subtly) and it’s at the risk of the invited to advance at his/her own risk. 🙂

  8. Glamour is an essence, wrought of sex and intention and pulsating the world with its’ heartbeat.

  9. it isn’t beauty…glamour is making someone forget what they were going to say by the movement of your eyes. it is a spell that you cast on the people around you so that they never look at their watches. but above all, to me it is the graceful acceptance of the grand and small gestures made by the world around us as natural, and never really surprising. it isn’t selfish, but it requires a strongly present and deliberate self…if that makes sense….

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