Mow My Lawn, Please!

Would someone come over to my house and mow my lawn for me, pretty please?!   Van has been called away on a family emergency and the front lawn is getting a little…bushy.   The problem is, I’ve never even touched a lawn mower, much less cut grass.  I’ll admit, I’m pretty good at “trimming the hedges” but I suspect these are not transferrable skills 😉

Can’t get enough mowing-the-lawn double entendres?  Then you’ll love this commercial, which begins and ends with a woman caressing her pussy.  The only thing that would make it better is if Ru Paul were in it!

3 Responses

  1. That’s hilarious! Is that a real commercial? That’s too friggin’ funny.

    Yes it’s a real commercial! I keep thinking I’m hearing the word clit at the part when the girl goes to the toolshed. Can you understand the lyrics? It’s right before the line, “Never be untidy/Just spruce up your aphrodite!” xo SF

  2. I don’t know about all that topiary business, but I can certainly mow your actual grass. Now that my allergies have subsided, I’m craving some outdoor activities – and I actually LIKE yard work.

    I feel like this comment is just one continual double entendre, so I’ll stop now.

    Awww….thx G, I appreciate the offer of help. As my mother would say, you’re a real mensch! xo SF

  3. Omg! THat was hilarious!

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