Making a Spectacle

I have a fetish for reading glasses.  This penchant developed during my college years when I discovered that the sight of a certain brilliant lesbian professor peering over her readers sent me to the moon. (sigh)  Ever since, I’ve dreamed about the day when I would require reading glasses myself.

I know that most people think that readers just make you look older, but I think they’re sexy.  Maybe this makes me eccentric.  So be it. I see them as a fantastic prop and fashion accessory, like sunglasses.  In fact, I must confess that I purchased a particularly stylish pair of readers a few years back when I had absolutely no need for them. Seriously.  They just sat in my drawer for years.  But I’ve recently noticed that I benefit from a little help when I’m reading the menu in a dimly lit restaurant or bar, so I’ve actually had a legitimate reason to wear my fabulous readers of late!  It’s been a delight to wear them, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Style blogger Cammila Albertson, who knows a thing or two about chic eyewear, has got me thinking about lorgnettes, which are spectacles or looking glasses with a long, decorative handle that doubles as a case.  They were extremely popular in the nineteenth century, when they became a must-have accessory for ladies of fashion. On her blog, Dressed Up Like a Lady, Cammila confesses, “I’m actually kind of obsessed with lorgnettes, and have a small collection of them. Such a pretty way to handle something as mundane as reading glasses. Sadly (or rather, fortunately), I do not require reading glasses, so these are purely decorative.”  There’s a great pic of her wearing lorgnettes here.

Although I agree that lorgnettes are charming, I must admit that my enthusiasm for them has been diminished ever since I saw Sarah Jessica Parker holding a pair in a poster for Sex and the City 2.  (For the record, I haven’t seen the film but just hearing about it makes me nauseous.)  But there’s a silver lining because I’m starting to think that others may share my fetish for sexy spectacles.  Perhaps the time is right to revive the most iconic piece of lesbian eyewear, the monocle. Are you in?

11 Responses

  1. I agree that reading glasses are really sexy. Not sure about the monocle though… 🙂

  2. I’m in. I own designer readers that cost a small fortune and I wear them as much as humanly possible. haha I LOVE them. lovelovelovelovelove.

  3. Mmmmh thanks for feeling the same way as i do about that crappy (but expensive) movie + i do find readers extremely sexy too, especially those fat square ones known as “the un-sexy ones”…

    Hi Juliette, You (and your website) are très charmante! -SF

  4. Oh, I admit to owning a fabulous pair of Vivienne Westwood readers that I don’t really need… But they make me feel so sophisticated!

  5. I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a sexy pair of reading glasses! (Nice picture of Tina up there, by the way.)

    You know, I have one eye with excellent vision and one eye with horrible vision. I’d been considering getting just one contact of a different color than my natural blue, but perhaps I’ll go with the monocle. I’m totally on board with it.

    Nice to see you again, SF. You’re one of my favorites.

  6. i’m all for monocles – but for those of us who need two lenses, what about the pince-nez? they have that delightful school-teacher/geek-reclamation element…

    also. that painting is fantastic (i hope you won’t mind if i repost it – with credit, naturally).

    Glad you like the Romaine Brooks painting, which you can see in person at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. For more info about this work, click here. PS the pince-nez is a great idea! -SF

  7. Reading classes are mysterious and make me feel like the person is incharge, smart, confident and has most things figured out! Great post…xo

    Hi cocamia, Great to meet you. Your blog is gorgeous. I have a makeup question for you. Do you answer beauty-related queries on the blog? xo SF

  8. well, i am far too blind to simply have readers, but i *adore* wearing glasses (i do wish my eyesight would stop getting worse, but, truly, i love having glasses).

    i think of them almost more as facial feature than fashion accessory, in my case – though i am intrigued by the idea of having many different glasses to choose from as an accessory.

    were i a bit (ha!) better-sighted, i might find lorgnettes hopelessly charming, but as it stands i will most likely keep my lovely red frames ’till they literally fall apart (if history is any guide).

    Hi Lady B, I cannot survive on readers alone either. I can only use them if I’m wearing contacts. Good to hear from you, as always. xo SF

  9. Ohh man I LOVE that picture of TIna Fey!

    Thinking back – all of the girls that I have really liked have had cute glasses. Wow, I guess I’ve just discovered a fetish 😉

    p.s. I love this blog girl, I just found it and it’s so classy!

  10. I love Romaine Brooks! Also: that pic of Una Troubridge. Have you read Wild Girls?

  11. glasses are cute, classy, nerdy and sexy all in one! p.s. tina fey is beyond gorgeous in that pic

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