Sublimefemme Tells All, No. 31

Feeling drab?  Try flaunting your inner bitch goddess!

Photo:  Tangerine Jones, Burlesque Bitch Goddess and Illuminatrix Supreme.  Get the juice on the glamtastic Ms. Jones here!

About Tangerine Jones:

Inspired by the legends of Black Hollywood and the deities of drag, funk and glam rock, Ms. Jones brings her own eclectic blend to the Neo-Burlesque stage.  No stranger to the stage, this voluptuous vixen is a classically trained theatre performer with an affinity for ethnic dance from Senegalese to Samba to Bhangra to Bellydance.  Whether it’s with the writhe and wind of a Santeria priestess, the shake and quake of a samba or down home shimmy of a juke joint singer, Ms. Jones pays tribute to the African Diaspora and the Black Burlesque and Vaudeville performers of yesteryear.  She seeks to establish a new cultural and erotic iconography for women of color and highlight the often-overlooked presence of people of color in our theatrical and cultural history.


4 Responses

  1. Awesome website – thanks!

  2. Hi SF, just a note to say I gave you a shout-out recently.

    Many thanks for the movie recommendation.

  3. great picture!!!

  4. I have got the worst kind of crush on Tangerine Jones. I want to be as glamorous as she is when I grow up.

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