Sydney Femme Conference

Hello darlings!  I recently received a charming note from Bex of the Sydney Femme Guild asking me to help get the word out about their 4 day symposium–the inaugural Sydney Femme Conference (October 7-10, 2010).

Who knew I had readers in Australia?!  I’m personally delighted to learn about the Sydney Femme Guild (aren’t they fabulous?) and help them promote international femme community and solidarity.  Very cool.  Hurry and send your submissions to before the end of the month!

The Inaugural Sydney Femme Conference
Presented by the Sydney Femme Guild.
Femme in the Frame

The Red Rattler Theatre
6 Faversham Street Marrickville
7th- 10th October 2010

Callout for Presentations, Workshops, Panels, Visual art and Performance.

The Sydney Femme Guild is a moving feast of Femmes committed to fostering Femme friendships, building Femme community and raising Femme visibility in the queer and wider communities. Formed in early 2009, the Femme Guild has been creating community spaces, activism, parties, education, hospitality and networking for Femmes in the Sydney area and reaching out to Femme groups across Australia and the world.

Alongside the momentum of the international Femme community and conferences, the Sydney Femme Guild is excited to present a 4 day symposium covering a wide and inspiring spectrum of the Femme experience.

We are inviting Femmes, Activists, Artists, Academics and Organisers from Australia and around the world to contribute:

Skill shares
Panel Presentations
Visual Art and Performance
Activist & organizational topics.

We welcome submissions from particularly from Femmes and Femme Elders, and also from Femme allies. We support submissions from Indigenous Australians, People of Colour, Fat Folks, Working Class folks, People with Disabilities, Queer Youth and hope to create a space that we can explore the intersection of Femme with other identities and experiences, privileges and access around the topic of “Femme in the Frame.”

Please send a summary of your submission to before August 30th, 2010.


3 Responses

  1. oh! their logo is brilliant! brilliant and beautiful and i love it.

    i’m afraid i won’t be able to make it to the conference, but i wish y’all all the best. i’m smitten, based solely on your clever graphics – though the photo is quite lovely as well.

  2. Oh, thank you so much!!!!

  3. just want you to know Im in Australia reading this from the future. Love your blog.

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