Hats Off

“I may have to confiscate that brim,” said the stud airport security guard to Van as we traversed the Houston airport.  We were on our way to our vacation spot on the west coast and Van was wearing a very sharp Panama hat that always attracts the attention of hat lovers.  Van is never afraid to wear a hat, a quality I think she gets from her mother, who’s a true hat aficionado.

While I have appreciated Van’s hats (not all of them, I admit), I’ve never been a hat person myself.  That is, until I fell head over heals in love with a large black and white sun hat that I bought on vacation, simply because I could not resist its movie star glamour.  I wore the hat on the beach, where it looked great with my black and white bikini, and out to a very fancy dinner Van planned to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Truthfully, I’ve never felt so transformed by an accessory before.  It was, in a word, sublime!

6 Responses

  1. Van is a butch after my own heart. A good-looking hat can catch my eye in an instant. And not just ball caps, either. I love fedoras, but they’ve become a little to trendy for my taste. I used to have the most fantastic porkpie, and I’ve been looking for a replacement forever.

    The hat you found sounds fantastic, too. A femme in a hat just screams confidence to me, which is absolutely sexy.

    Hi G, I should have mentioned that Van bought a hat on vacation too, but hers is for winter. It’s a black Peter Grimm fedora. Sharp. Good luck finding a new porkpie! xo SF

  2. That’s an awesome hat. I’m in envy and awe.

    I love my hats, too, but so far I don’t have one that outrageously ohmygodlookatme glamorous.

    Forgive the horrible pun, but my hat’s off to you, sister!

    Thanks Jolie. Aren’t those Kentucky Derby pics great? Both hats are similar to mine, plus they’re such fantastic images I couldn’t resist posting them! xo SF

  3. OMG I LOVE hats. Seriously! Fancy hats with netting and wide brim hats…*sigh*

  4. oh! hats! i adore hats. when i was younger i wore hats almost daily. i had a great collection, mostly of wholly preposterous hats. i’m a bit more shy of “fashion statements” these days, but perhaps someday i’ll be able to pull off such a lovely sun hat!

  5. I love hats! They is very sexy indeed.

  6. Where can i buy this hat? Or What is it called? (Image name is
    Kentucky Derby Hats 10)

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