Shoe Swoon

As soon as I find the right outfits to go with these beauties, my fall wardrobe will be complete!

Iconic shoe designs by Roger Vivier.

“Beauty is shoe, shoe beauty.”  –Andy Warhol

6 Responses

  1. That first pair would be awesome and disarming with a deeply corporate but exquisitely made blush linen/silk suit. I am just imagining someone doing a scan of said outfit thinking “lovely but boring, boring, boring, hummingbird?“.

    Hi Sabayon, My thoughts exactly! 😉 xo SF

  2. Oh my heck! Those are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the eye candy.

  3. Delish. Placing my order and scheduling foot surgery NOW.

    (My faves are the third from the top. DIBS.)

    But those are MY faves! Great minds think alike 😉 xo SF

  4. OH MY GOD, that first pair… ::drool::

  5. Some girls might ch-ch-choose Choo
    Others lust for Louboutin
    The pretty amble of a pair of Jeffrey Campbells
    Might even turn some ladies on
    But I’d rather die than never sashay
    Upon heels built like stages by Roger Vivier!

    – FFAF

  6. there’s nothing like a shoe fetish to make life fabulous. that last pair….ohhhh.

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