If you’re not interested in having your world rocked by a high femme queer theorist, who critiques politics and culture wearing a sheer black peignor and pink marabou stilettos, then this probably isn’t your kind of site.  If you do not worship at the feet of disarmingly smart and exuberantly sensual femmes, what can I say?  Your loss!

I am shameless in my love for debonair butches, unconventional thinking, pleasure, serendipitous discoveries, contradictions, beauty, and extravagance of all kinds.  I take as my inspiration Oscar Wilde’s ebullient dictum that “we should treat all the trivial things of life seriously, and all the serious things with sincere and studied triviality.”  I have little patience for self-righteous moral and political correctness, so if that’s your thing, be prepared to loose your innocence.

Sublimefemme is too busy being amazing (or doing her nails) to expend energy on the impolite or the unappreciative.

Dying to know what I look like? Here I am on my day off:

When I’m not blogging about Sublime Femmeness, I slip on my catsuit and plot world domination while sipping a Perfect Manhattan with 2 bourbon-spiked maraschino cherries.

Inquiries, fan mail, love notes and bourbon recommendations all happily accepted at ms.sublimefemme@gmail.com.

16 Responses

  1. I’m looking forward to reading more! I also like your masthead- Sunset Boulevard…yes?? I LOVE that film.

  2. So glad you found me, and that you “got” the masthead! I could gush about Sunset Blvd. for quite a while but instead I’ll merely offer the following tidbit:

    Joe: You’re Norma Desmond. You used to be in silent pictures. You used to be big.

    Norma (bristling): I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.

    I recently read your compelling introductory essay on your blog and am very interested in your effort to rethink femme from the inside out. So I look forward to reading more from you, too!

  3. The Internet is insistent on auto-linking our blogs into a friendship. High-femme to high-femme? I love your project. I also adore your Garbo.

  4. AHHHHH Sunset Blvd…one of my FAVORITE musicals of ALL TIME! xoxo

  5. ZOMG. I feel like I just…I don’t know, stumbled into some covert butch/femme blogring or something. VELVET MAFIA!

    Forgive me while I fan myself and spritz my surprised face with fancy rosewater.

    I am never, ever going to get any work done, am I?

  6. please come and do the coming out interview at my blog … please? if it helps, i am actually a debonair butch. truth.


  7. Hey, that Stumbleupon thing really does work! I stumbled in here but I might not ever leave! Love your writing and you’ve got Kate Winslett in here. Yep, I’m staying.

    Welcome, Pugs. I have an extra chaise lounge just for you 😉 -Sf

  8. I thought I recognized Erich von Stroheim lurking in your masthead.

    “The stars are ageless, aren’t they?” – Norma Desmond


    Well-spied, Miss Raven. Love your name. Very femme fatale! -SF

  9. oh I do just love a party…and this looks like a wonderful place. If I wasn’t so tipsy I’m get up and hug everyone tightly and with much lesbian enthusiasm.

  10. I stumbled in here myself from somewhere, don’t remember where, but haven’t left your site for 2 days now, and still haven’t read enough. I think you’re great, and will definitely be a regular visitor from here on out. At some point, I will get off my ass and create my own blog. Odd for me to be so fascinated by your blog, since I am on the edge of what the old-school used to call a “diesel dyke!” Not sure what category/description/whatever I fall into these days! For now, just call me “jenn!”

    Hi jenn, Flattery will get you everywhere. 😉 Looking forward to hearing more from you. Let me know when you own blog debuts! -SF

  11. Could not find your email, Miss! I wanted to suggest that you do an entry on the lovely Zsa Zsa. It would be simply perfect, darling.

    It’s on this page, right under the pic of me in my catsuit! I’ll put it in bold so it’s more visible.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I love the idea! -SF

  12. Just wanted to drop a note to say “hello” to a fellow queer theorist with a penchant for clothes! (I stumbled upon Sublime Femme looking for queer fashion blogs to write about at my collaborative blog on fashion and beauty.)

    Hi Mimi, Thx for stopping by. I love threadbared–it’s so smart and truly a pleasure to read. I’ve added it to my links! -SF

  13. I found something you might like.
    Its Mia Kirschners, but it has some stuff I like as a cheffie…XO

  14. I would do the same thing on my day off…but I haven’t started on my summer catsuit yet. But really! Manhattans are my favorite…your words inspire me. ❤

  15. sweet ^^ i love this site so much ^^

  16. Fabulous Wilde quote. Currently reading his only novel and love it!
    SUblime Femme – what a wonderful title! I may start describing myself as this too!

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