Sublimefemme Tells All, No. 34

Have a wonderful day unless you’ve made other plans.  Or don’t have these shoes.

I swear I used to have a pair just like them!

Happy B’day Van!

I’m not a fan of aging, although I concede it’s better than the alternative.  I subscribe to Lucille Ball’s philosophy, “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”  Actually, come to think of it, living honestly is vastly overrated.

Unlike me, Van has always embraced her age.  However, some birthdays can be tough for anyone.  Van is about to enter a new decade of her life and I think she’s less casual about it than she’s letting on.  So, I’ve been scheming and planning to make this an uber fabulous b’day for her.  I’m so excited about her present, which just arrived in the mail today!  I’m really tempted to tell you what the gift is, dear readers, but Van keeps up with my blog so…sigh…mum’s the word.

A note to the birthday butch: you didn’t think I would give up the goods that easily, did you?  Since you’re here snooping around, I might as well clarify that Kylie Minogue is definitely not a clue.  However, if you want me to wear her look on your special day, just say the word. Anything for you, honey 😉  xoxo

Sublimefemme Tells All, No. 27

A femme should live only to satisfy her desire.

Ellen von Unwerth_Revenge

Andro-Butch Style

Thought it was time to butch things up around here. 

No, not me, silly!  I’m thinking more like Jenny Shimizu. But wait, I know what you’re thinking. She’s looking femmey as a judge on Bravo’s series Make Me a Supermodel, right? I can understand why she wouldn’t want to get stuck in one look. (I’m lying, actually–I can’t!)  Sigh. The femme-inization of Jenny Shimizu is a sad development for yours truly, so I’m posting some photos of her sizzling andro-butch side.

For inquiring minds, that famous tattoo–which you can see clearly in Ellen Von Unwerth’s photograph–is an image of a pin-up girl riding a crescent wrench.  The lettering on the wrench says “strap-on” instead of  “snap-on,” which is actually Jenny’s preferred brand of hand and power tools. (“I use snap-on, bitch,” she snarled at one interviewer. )  Speaking of which, those motocycles are not just props, girls.  Shimizu is probably the first (and only?) lesbian supermodel who rides bikes and is a mechanic.  Is it hot in here or is it just me?