Butch Positive

Dear Cindy,   I don’t get a lot of unenlightened and hateful comments.  So I’ll admit, I  was shocked when you left the following comment in response to my post “No, I’m not a lipstick lesbian (I just look like one)”:

i am so glad there is a web site for femmenine lesbians i am a lesbian and i like femmenine lesbians and i despise butch lesbians.

I have been looking at your comment for days, wondering how on earth you could think that (1) it’s OK to be so derogatory and rejecting toward other members of our community (2) liking femmes necessarily means hating butches (3) I would share or tolerate your views!

If you actually read my blog, you’ll discover that I’m pro-butch. All of us who appreciate the appeal of butches, bois, studs, androgynous dykes, and tomboys have our own reasons for favoring their genderqueer charms.   One of my favorite pieces on this subject is Julia Watson’s Why I Love Butch Women, and Other Endangered Species.  For me, the allure of butches is both about who they are and who they have helped me to be. 

So, Cindy, I just wanted you to know why I didn’t publish your comment.  SF Unbound is a butch-positive space that celebrates the gender diversity of our community.  Plus, I think butches are über hot.