Frugal and Fabulous

These are hard times, my pretties, but don’t despair! Just because the economy is in a tailspin doesn’t mean your beauty regime has to be in one too. Here are a few of my favorite ways to be beautiful on a budget:

1. Make your own Sea Salt Body Scrub. This scrub is great on the whole body as well as feet and hands. You can buy the ingredients at any natural foods store.
1/2 Sea Salt
1/2 Hain Pure Vegetable Oil with Vitamin E (to preserve freshness)
Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I *love* lemongrass.

2. Best buy: Covergirl Aqua Smooth or Advance Radiance Compact MakeUp ($8.99 – $10.99). They’re knock offs of Vincent Longo’s wonderful Water Canvas Creme-to-Powder Foundation ($52.50). I use and love both! Just make sure you apply the Covergirl with a foundation brush (rather than the sponge they include in the compact) to mimic the lighter, natural look of the Water Canvas. Always close the compact completely so the makeup doesn’t dry out. You just saved $40!

3. Make your own La Dolce Vita Lashes. These lashes, also by Vincent Longo, are great because they’re smaller than regular false lashes, making them both natural-looking and easy to apply. But they’re also pricey ($14!). So, instead of spending your hard-earned money on them, buy a pair of inexpensive Ardell lashes at Sally Beauty (I like the Demi Luvies in black) and cut off the inner third of the lash with an small pair of scissors. Voilà, you’re fabulous and frugal!

4. Make your own lash separator. Just clean off an old mascara wand and you’re ready to go. It works better and is easier to use than any tool you’d buy, I swear.

What are your frugal femme tips? Please share!

PS Check out this week’s Drugstore Deals and Steals at Blogdorf Goodman.

3 Responses

  1. when i’m running out on my favorite scent and know i won’t be able to afford more (read: it’s a few months until anyone will buy it for me for a holiday or birthday), i’ll mix what i have remaining with unscented lotion. this way, i use less because the oils in lotion hang around longer than merely spraying.

    another tip, i dye my hair red and as many of us femmes know, red hair fades the fastest. for a while, i was buying expensive aveda conditioner with built-in color renewal which was costing me about $20 every three weeks. ridiculous! i decided it couldn’t be that hard to make my own. i bought a bottle of permanent red dye – cherry red, candy apple red, not auburn or anything like it – that cost about $8 and mixed it into a bottle of my regular conditioner. not only was it less expensive, both the amount and the effects lasted longer. eat it, aveda!

    sf – i love your body scrub tutorial. simple, yet brilliant!

  2. Wow. I guess we did write about the same topics. lol. Your tips are seriously awesome though. I will definitely be putting that lash tip to work this weekend.

  3. Your lash tips makes me smack my forehead, like DOH!

    I adore TJ’s Tangerine Sugar Scrub as an in-shower exfoliate AND in lieu of shaving cream or lotion. It makes for the softest shave ever, I swan.

    @ Hussy Red: I love you. That is genius. GENIUS!

    Links to some handy and amazing beauty trick BCP posts:

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